Monday, May 2, 2016

Project 365, Week 18

My verse for this week with lots of blessings and hard in it:

April 25
Our annual Busch Gardens pretty-wall-by-the-restrooms family pictures.

Life was so. simple.

April 26
Our last day for the beach and Aiden just wanted to stay inside and play cards while Sienna and I and all the kids were enjoying the first of the morning. I was able to lure him out by telling him there was a sandcastle that needed repairing.

April 27
We left Florida at 7AM and this guy drove all day and all night. In this picture he's "doing school" with the older two. He's such a great guy.

April 28
We got home at 5AM. After the kids got a couple hours sleep in bed I sent them off to school. Then it was 2 dentist appointments, 2 social worker visits, 3 practices and 1 game. Welcome home!

I documented Aiden's very first trip to see a dental hygienist. He got a great report, loved the experience and soaked in all the information about proper brushing and flossing.

April 29
Looking for beauty while waiting at practice.

April 30
Shaun's first game coaching Amanda's team. He did so great, and they won!

We celebrated our brother-in-law's big birthday at their house. Sarah pulled off the surprise!

May 1
Its May, one of my favorite months!

We went to the noon service and it felt strange to be in church on a Sunday...ha! Shaun and Amanda worked on soccer skills in the morning.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Project 365, Week 17

Lots of hugs shared, and smiles and lighter shoulders as we finished up another tax season and headed south!

April 18
First day of school vacation for the kids! Pop and Kiki love to share their passion for bike riding with the kids. Fun adventures!

April 19
First day of no taxes and after spending the morning in the office Shaun was happy to put on his manual labor clothes and do a brake job on the car. With a helper, of course.

April 20
At 6 pm we hit the road, Florida-bound! We've gone to New York City dozens of times this past year, but this time we just kept driving right past it without stopping.

April 21
We arrived at our beach rental in the late evening. First order of business was getting wet!

April 22
A day of sun, sand, pool and cousins...the life!

April 23
A fresh morning, full of possibilities.

April 24
This six year-old and his great-grandma spent hours playing poker together. True story.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Alive and Well

Yesterday a sweet friend texted me to make sure I was ok since I hadn't blogged all week. It was only then I realized that, given my current condition and past history, its not really fair for me to drop off without explanation.

Some people have to do "unplugged" challenges or "Facebook fasts" to give themselves time away from the world inside the web. Since my diagnosis, its a challenge for me to stay plugged in. Very often, the "noise" of the internet is too loud for me. I haven't been on FB for 18 months+ and I've unsubscribed from a pile of emails I used to get without even giving it much thought...even blogging is more challenging. I need to have quiet in my days to think and pray and just be and am easily overwhelmed by social media. When I'm on vacation and want to be present with my family, my desire to be online is even further decreased.

Thankfully, I am not in NYC tucked away in a hospital room (valid guess though), but instead we took our annual family vacation to Florida to visit grandparents and recover from tax season. I am so grateful for our time away and also so happy to be home!

Thanks for caring about what goes on around these parts...I'll be back at it soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Living Fully

Maybe this is the true secret to being fulfilled and content--living in the moment with God, defined by His truth, with no unrealistic expectations for others or things to fill me up.
 Not reaching back for what was lost in my yesterdays. And not reaching for what I hope will be in my tomorrow. But living fully with what is right in from of me. And truly seeing the gift of this moment.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Project 365, Week 16

One more tax day to go! We are ready to change our pace a little and take a deep breath. 

The kids and I are thoroughly enjoying spring around here...its quite an amazing time of year watching things flower and bloom. 

April 11
No picture. I spent the day burdened for friends going through a difficult time, taking it to my God who is sovereign and good.

The three kids and I also enjoyed an impromptu date night. We went shopping for a few summer items and had a cheap dinner out. They were so happy and appreciative...I'm the parent who despises shopping and is always saying no to spending money so they were quite surprised and blessed by the evening. Made me consider that I should probably "let loose" just a little more.

April 12
This boy is so passionate about baseball and is enjoying practice twice a week with his team. I couldn't even take him this day...he grabbed one of Shaun's batting gloves and stuck it in his back pocket.

April 13
Homework having them back home after a school day.

April 14
My sister's kids had spring break this week, so she got a group together to gather at the park. I surprised my kids and pulled them out of school early. It was a beautiful day to play and run and smell fresh-cut grass. Spring...we love you! (Six families represented here with 8 kids missing!)

April 15
If you are a tax preparer, there is no worse day to have a birthday than on April 15th. That's the day Shaun was born and we all miss being able to celebrate him on his day. He somehow managed to find two 45-minute chunks of time. During the first one we gave him his present and hugs, during the second one he showed up at the field to coach his team.

Avery and I filled in for Coach Shaun who was working. I've never played a soccer game in my life but I know how to do running drills. :) Between Avery and I (and Shaun) we had a fruitful, fun practice. We have a ragtag group of 2nd-4th graders and if anyone can pull a "W" out of them, its Shaun.

April 16
The kids and I went up to the high school. We timed each other on the track and practiced taking grounders. Its exhilarating to be out and active with them.

April 17
The kids and I, including R had a nice breakfast together to kick off a quiet day at home.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

War and Peace

Mom, I'm having trouble deciding what I want to be when I grow the army or a priest. Or a zookeeper.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Marking The Time

There are so many dates and markers in time with cancer...the date you find out, the date you end treatment, the date of surgery, the day a big test comes out positive or negative. The day you wish you'd gone to get things checked out but waited it out instead. So many really, really important dates along the way and some that I thought would be important at the time but turned out not to be. 

One year ago today, I completed my final day of radiation. I wasn't sure I'd survive the last couple weeks of it but I did and when I walked out there was a crowd of friends of family waiting in the parking lot to celebrate with us. It was an emotional time recognizing that mile marker and what we thought was the end of chemotherapy and what we hoped was the end of cancer. There is no way we could have known last April 13 all that we'd face in the following year.

Its truly more than my mind can wrap itself around so I don't even try yet. I just keep fighting to bring it all back to gratitude. Regardless of all that unfolded after this day, its still an occasion I hold close to my heart. Such love I have known all these nineteen months!

But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. Psalm 13:5