Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March's 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month (Saturday).
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day! }

This kid...I can't even.

Yahtzee has been in the game rotation lately.

Avery's our most passionate sledder.

Rehearsal. Avery made the cut for the teen/adult ensemble, which is crazy. She's far left in the Batman t-shirt.

Aiden and I read in the atrium while we waited.

Aiden purchased another Lego set. It arrived and he laid it all out for when Shaun got home.

We picked Shaun up from work to go to Amanda's soccer game.

Avery's sweet friend/schoolmate/teammate Gracie. Conveniently, their sisters are also friends/classmates/teammates.

We were surprised to find Jon and Annie there, too. Apparently, its their second home. :)

Dinner out, minus Kim who went to her boyfriend's.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Project 365, Week 10

This week consisted of two snow days, both completely needless. We fear school will be in session right until the end of June at this rate. But, its out of our control, so we just try to make the most of it.

March 4
Shaun took most of this Sunday off, so he was able to coach Amanda's indoor soccer game.

Their fans were in and out of attentiveness to the game. :)

March 5
The kids love it when I need to cover work. I remember when we used to only be able to visit Shaun when there were NO customers in the building because three kids 4 and under caused too much of a ruckus, but now they can sit quietly and do homework in a back office.

March 7
Shaun took the kids out to play soccer before work and before the snow. This is 8 AM and school called a snow day.

10 AM on a snow day.

6 PM on a snow day.

March 8
At 9 PM the night before, the kids were out sledding and playing when this large limb came down in the yard, thankfully missing them and the cars in the driveway.

Later in the afternoon we grabbed Amanda's friend and went to UCONN for sledding and ice cream at the dairy bar. The hill was unusually empty and we had so much fun.

March 9
J and a friend and I attended a banquet for her horse barn. She is so passionate and dedicated and is ALL about horses. I do my best to be supportive but this week was tough with 6 of 7 days doing barn "stuff". That's a lot of time and money! But she is the sweetest and its hard to not get caught up in her excitement of it all.

March 10
Amanda played again. I will post the entire day because it was the 10th.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Project 365, Week 9

I do screen shots often, this was my favorite from the week.

You have nothing to fear when you have nothing to hide. ~Craig Groeschel 

Jesus has zero tolerance for hypocrisy, but unlimited grace for a sinner in need of forgiveness. 

February 26
Avery has decided she wants to run the half marathon with me. I was about her age when I became purposeful about fitness. So proud of her!

February 27
My annual mammogram came back clear. If you are due for one, GO DO IT!!

The mildness called us outside. Love these hints of spring!!

February 28
This guy. He has so many words and varied knowledge. War history is particularly dear to his heart. This morning before school we were in deep discussions about George Washington and the Revolutionary War tactics. He has such a fascinating brain, just like his daddy.


Shaun was home before dark!! :) He's so good about digging right in with the kids, playing soccer and board games.

March 1
I ended up working 9-8, and I didn't get a picture of my view at the office.

March 2
Aiden spent a significant amount of time at this window, watching the water flow patterns.

When Amanda is having a particularly rough day, I try to set her up in the kitchen with a baking project. Its seems to be very therapeutic for her.

March 3
Farmer Aiden and I are trying our hand at seed-planting. We're both a little skeptical that anything can come from seeds so small, but we'll see!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Project 365, Week 8

It was a pretty sweet week, really our first taste of spring-ish weather in quite some time and we soaked it up! We also got some good family time and wrapped up basketball. Life is good.

February 18
We woke up to a winter wonderland...easily shovel-able and gone in two days...perfect!

I drove J to a horse show. Not what I wanted to be doing on an early Sunday morning, but it sure was beautiful!

Avery's team got eliminated in the playoffs.

Aidan's team advanced. More notably, he touched the ball! :)

Grandpa Tom retired and Grandma and Auntie Sarah threw him a very nice celebration party. It was good to be with family. As we were walking out the door, I asked Aiden to put on some nicer clothes. He named the little boy cousins who would be there and told me he'd be rolling around on the floor with them so what he had on would work better for big-cousin duties. :)

February 19
No school! We had planned to get together with our RI family but they were sick, so we facetimed instead....

...and then went to see The Greatest Showman with our CT cousins. What a crazy bunch! :)

February 20
Those first warm-ish days are the sweetest.

Aiden's team lost in the final round of playoffs. BUT, they got second-place trophies! ;)

February 21
70 degrees compelled us to go play outside. The girls waded in the water until they reached the ice! :)

February 23
A new family moved into the area and their two oldest girls started are now Avery and Amanda's classmates. We had them over to get to know them and help make them feel welcome. So brave to move across the country...with (almost) 7 kids!

February 24
Back at that same horse barn for a different event. No snow this time but still very pretty.

My kids love being the big cousins.