Thursday, July 19, 2018

July's 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month (Tuesday).
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day! }

Often during the summer I start my days walking around the yard watering the flowers and plants. I can hold the hose with one hand, my coffee cup in the other and pray while doing both.

Our workout space is crude but functional.

My sweet Bible reading buddy. I couldn't talk him into going out to the porch (on a very beautiful morning), so I joined him in the living room.

K will be attending a community college in the fall. I dropped her off for her placement test. Such a beautiful building and I remember occasionally shopping here as a young girl when it was a multilevel G.Fox store.

I love hanging out with this crew, even at the grocery store.

It was a happy and sad day as we got one last chance to see our Texas cousins before they left.

Operation packing.

I enjoy watching my man do the things he enjoys.

Bonus. :)

Pop took Amanda to the auction and she came back with an old school typewriter. It was a huge hit and everyone wanted to try it. $10 well spent. :)

Clue was the game of the week.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Project 365, Week 27

July! After end-of-the-school year, graduation, packing and vacation whirlwind, we were back home to get going on our summer. J left for her summer job as a junior counselor at a special needs camp and Avery and Amanda left for church camp, which just left the 18 and 8 year old. Easy!!

We also got to celebrate America this year, which is a good reminder of what an amazing thing it is to be a citizen here. So thankful for all the people who've made the freedom that we have possible.

July 1
Our church just started a Junior Bible Quiz group and this was the first practice. Its for 1-6 grades and there are competitions throughout the school year. Bible knowledge + competition = Aiden. :) Avery will be helping with it as well.

July 2
Avery and Amanda were off to Junior High Church Camp, their first time graduating from Kids Camp. It was tough to watch them go but I was glad they had each other and I knew they'd have a good time.

July 3
Aiden greatly enjoys going to the office with us...he's allowed to use the iPad, clunky though it is, and there's wifi.

July 4
Independence Day!! We walked down to Main St for our town's parade, which lasted over an hour.

We spotted two cousins!

J was able to be home from her camp job for the day.

My new niece and nephew were born! My sister who lives in Texas had twins and now we get to see lots of sweet pictures.

July 5
Aiden reading in his bathrobe...

...Aiden reading on my office chair.

Trying to beat the heat, the four of us spent the late afternoon playing Monopoly. Shaun cleaned house, per usual.

July 6
Yay...pickup day for the girls. They were back from camp and full of amazing stories. We went directly to a birthday party that Amanda was invited to. The girl she shadowed with at the new school asked her to be a part of it. I thought that was so sweet and just like Amanda to get an party invitation before she's even going to that school.

While I was doing pickup and party, Shaun was helping our new charge get settled. We did respite for a nine-year old boy. Aiden and I were in agreement...if you have to pick one Bible story to read, it would have to be David and Goliath.

I don't take lightly the honor it is to read a bedtime story and pray and tuck in and give a kiss on the forehead and speak life.

July 7
River time! K was very smart and the boys did well together, talking and playing.

July 8
Such a glorious morning! I will miss the sun streaming through the trees like it does at this house.

The boys set up some pretty neat dominos.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Project 365, Week 26

This week was enjoyed at OBX...Outer Banks, NC for our every-three-years family reunion, when about 40 people gather from six different states to stay in a (very large) house near the beach for the week. I came back with an embarrassing number of photos, which I hope to post someday, but for now I just chose a few.

June 24
Our first-born turned 13!! She's such a joy! She is enthusiastic and happy, loves a good adventure, she laughs without reserve, she is observant and has an inquisitive mind. She's a huge sports fan and she loves life. We're so grateful for her!

June 25
After dinner, I went to the beach with this crew (shenanigans not pictured).

June 26
We take our sunrises very, very seriously. :)

June 27
My brother arranged for a group of us to drive an hour to where TobyMac was performing at an outdoor arena.  It was such a fun evening and the dads were able to get the kids up close, practically on the stage. They will not soon forget the experience.

June 28
That's the lot of them (three missing from the week).

June 29
2nd Annual Family 5K Fun Run on the beach at day break. :)

This is us, all 39 who came (missing 5).

June 30
We left early to beat the traffic off the island, which got us home with enough time to unpack and grocery shop and go through mail. So thankful for a great week!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Project 365, Week 25

It was a full week with many blessings. I'm thankful for this little space where I can pause and record a portion of what's happening in our lives. 

June 17
Little Dakota was born the day before so I was at the hospital first thing in the morning the next day. I  felt honored to be R's first phone call when they got to the hospital. He was a bundle of nerves and emotions and wanted to talk with me and share his news. Those are the kinds of things that keep us going in this foster care journey. And the baby sure is sweet!

Soccer tournament, Day 2. We all went so we could be with Shaun on Father's Day. He's not a flashy kind of dad, he's really at his best when he's just with us. He lives his every day life so faithfully and purposefully.

He ended the day investigating a broken fridge. :( We take for granted that he knows how to fix everything and he does it well.

June 18
We stopped at the hospital again so Shaun could say hi to R and meet the baby.

We all met at my dad's house to celebrate Father's Day. When we get together, we have enough for two soccer teams! :)

June 19
After my surgery three years ago, I was set up with a visiting nurse service. I had several nurses, all amazing, but one ended up being the primary regular one. For eight months (which still blows my mind even though I lived it) she/they came to my house every other day to do wound care. We became pretty close and we've stayed in touch. This morning we met for coffee...I gave her bags of unused medical supplies that I not longer need and she gave me some running socks. :)

Good river times.

June 20
Last day of school. I tearfully wrote a note to each of the teacher's and staff who have greatly impacted our kids lives over these seven years. Its been such a special school to us...two blocks from our house and affordable with staff who care and are invested. I'm so, so grateful we've had this opportunity.

The first day I walked away from the school after dropping Avery off in first grade I felt like I'd been punched in the gut. I felt a similar feeling picking the kids up from St. Mary's for the last time.

But the last day of school is still the last day of school...yay!!

We used to go directly to DQ to celebrate. This year, Avery went to a friend's pool and Amanda went to a friend's lake. Though I happy they have friends and fun things to do, a piece of my was silently saying, "but wait guys...what about our cones, our tradition??"

June 21
Graduation Day for K! She's the first in her biological family to graduate from high school, something most of us can't comprehend. She's had to overcome so much to be able to walk across that stage and we're so proud of her!

When we signed up for foster care, we inadvertently signed up our extended families as well. They've been champs about supporting us through the years, not hesitating to dig in with whatever kid we happen to have. In addition to this crew who came to the ceremony, K received many beautiful cards and gifts. She so appreciates feeling like she has a family.

June 22
Errands and shopping and packing....

And, we're off! :) Amy started a group text, so we got to follow all the pieces of the family as they set out for our family reunion.

June 23
By the magic of coffee and Daddy, we arrived in Outer Banks about 10am. We spent several hours at the public beach waiting for our house to be ready, smug about the fact that we were not sitting in the long traffic line getting onto the island.