Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Project 365, Week 17

This week was another round of school vacation, this time for the little guys. The first two days were the last two days of tax season and now its OVER!!

April 17
The day that Aiden's been waiting for came...fishing with Pop! My dad might have pushed it a little, but he got out there and did ok and I'm so thankful.

I met my sister and brother at my mom's campground. The water was not even close to warm, but the kids happily splashed and played.

Final game for Avery's brief indoor soccer and they came out league champs!

Avery captured this gift of a sunset on our ride home.

April 18
Shaun's mom took the kids to Old Sturbridge Village...the potter is their favorite stop and they enjoy seeing the new baby animals each spring.

In other news, Shaun got home at 8:30pm and tax season 2017...its a wrap!!!

April 19
After the teens left for school and before the little guys were awake, Shaun and I went out to breakfast to celebrate a completed tax season.

Then we hit the road to go check out a couple cars. The kids had too much fun in the show room. :)

It happens almost never, but all five of us love the small pockets of time we get when its "just us".

April 20
We brought the kids to work with us. They made themselves right at home and were in screen-time heaven.

I met up with a friend and we chatted while the kids bowled.

Spring soccer has begun for both girls. Shaun is coaching Amanda's team again and J is going to help as well.

April 21
Aiden and Ginger looked so sweet playing with his Navy Seals set.

And we were off to another look at a couple more cars. The kids thought this shiny, red Camaro would be just right. :)

Instead, we brought home "The Beast", a 2009 8-passenger Chevy Suburban. Listen. In my heart I'm European. I would love to own one tiny little car that gets 80 miles to the gallon for the rare times when public transportation isn't feasible. But God. He's got this simple, minimalist-loving girl who isn't particularly "into" kids driving a car that holds six children. He's expanding my heart and softening my edges and making beauty out of brokenness. He is good and He is sovereign. And...when you're on the road, watch out! ;)

April 22
Amanda's opening game was cold and rainy, but there were still smiles.

April 23
There is no bouquet more beautiful in all the world than a dirt-caked fist holding out a collection of fresh-picked dandelions, presented with pride and love and expectation. My heart.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Project 365, Week 16

This week was the last full week of tax season, it was four performances of Passion of the King, it was school vacation for half of the kids. It was shopping for a vehicle and beautiful weather and preparing for Easter. All is grace.

April 10
The weather and big rock called to the kids.

April 11
I took the school vacation crew to a place with go-karts, a zipline, mini golf, etc. Both girls brought a friend, plus we were watching my nephew Gavin for the day. I saw someone I used to work with and we chatted briefly. He kept glancing at the kids, trying to figure it out, but I didn't even attempt to explain who the six kids were.

April 12
J and I spent some time at the horse farm. Its been a dream of hers and she's really taken to it quickly.

We couldn't believe when we saw this sign at Kohls.

April 13
During the show I wandered around the building taking photos...the kids room is a little scary! :)

April 14
Good Friday and the last show ever of Passion of the King after ten years. Next year it is getting redone and renamed. So proud of my sister who has done the job of Assistant Director with excellence and grace for nine of the ten years.

April 15
First time the older girls had ever dyed eggs, so I'm glad we squeezed it in.

Our church held SIX Easter services...two on Saturday night and four on Sunday morning. We went to the last service on Saturday night, a couple minutes late, but Shaun was able to join us after work.

Amy's family.

Oh yes, and it was also Shaun's birthday! His life is such a gift to the world, to our family. He is a hard worker, he is honest, faithful, wise, unselfish. He gets up everyday looking to help someone, to be a blessing. He embraces and lives out the core message of the Bible...love God, love others. And he's quiet and humble about it and will not appreciate me writing this paragraph about him. ;) We're grateful for him!

April 16
It was in the 80's so we spent most of Easter Sunday outside, soaking up the weather and the people.

Friday, April 14, 2017

April's 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month (Monday).
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day! }

Long run fail #2 for the week...my sinuses and lungs declared it not ok to run, so I settled for a short strength training time, which happily coincided with Joyce Meyer.

We had a show the night before, so I went in to wake the sleeping kids. The girls aren't supposed to share a bed on school nights, but it often happens anyway.

I guess it goes without saying, there is much work to be done on April 10th in a tax office.

Great rejoicing at the news that my dad's PSA levels are at zero! My brother and sister were there to celebrate with him. So grateful for the good news!!

Big meeting at Department of Children & Families for the girls, but little to pull out in the way of definitive "news".

Waiting in a commuter lot to pick up a kid. I may have snoozed for five minutes in the sunny, warm car.

A favorite time of day...school pick up!


Amanda was grumpy about something so I went to take her picture for a real life moment and she put on a big grin, so I told her to make the face she'd had on a minute ago. :)

Aiden frequently takes me by the hand, tells me to close my eyes and then guides me to the most recent spring developments around our property. So sweet!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Project 365, Week 15

Final stretch of tax season, final stretch of dress rehearsals for Passion of the King, making major life decisions such as where we will live and what we will drive, parenting six kids, two of which we're just getting to know...that was our week. We're tired, but its good and we can see a light at the end, for some of it anyway.

April 3
Opening Day for the Red Sox. Shaun took a couple hours off in the middle of the afternoon so he and Avery could watch together. 

April 4
Shaun and the kids were at rehearsal and K was working, so this was the evening group, all requiring close supervision. ;)

April 5
No picture. I woke up quite sick with a head cold and fever and was on the couch most of the day. I unintentionally freaked the kids out (we all still suffer from a little post-trauma), but I was back up the next day.

April 6
Outdoor, best friends time.

I went to watch/take pictures of the final dress rehearsal. Towards the end the curtain ripped. It was no surprise to see Shaun right there, figuring out what needed to be done to help Sue the Seamstress.

That morning he got up early and did a brake job on his car. Then he went to work and from work straight to rehearsal, finally getting home a little before midnight. He does some version of that scenario fairly often. He's our own superman and I'm in awe of him.

April 7
We were back in church at 9AM the next morning...2nd grade and 5th grade were leading Mass. So sweet!!

April 8
H played in both the JV and Varsity games...we watched part of one.

April 9
So much yard clean up to do. The kids and I paused to admire nature. What a gift spring is!

Where there is a screen, the kids will gather.