Monday, December 5, 2016

Project 365, Week 49

November 28
No picture. It was post-Thanksgiving weekend and I was in recovery mode.

November 29
I'm grateful we still have someone in the house who is little enough to appreciate a good balloon from the emissions testing place.

November 30
Aiden, let's go to the river while its drizzling and throw rocks in the water and play with the dog! Nah, that's ok go ahead...I'm going to stay in the car and read.

Wait...what?! That's my line!!

December 1
After a couple years without teams, the basketball program at school has been revived. Its a little rough but the girls have decided to commit to it....and they get to be on the same team.

December 2
Three of the four of us met up with my dad for his birthday lunch. Its always special to get time together.
Amanda wrote me the sweetest note this week and one line said, "You are on the tip-top of my list for best parents." He is on the tip-top of my list for best dads. :)

Thanks to my brother who is faithfully serving our country, a stranger anonymously paid for our meal. What a blessing!

December 3
Exercise for dog and kids alike.

Baby cousins are Avery's favorite (really we're all pretty fond of Baby Gavin).

December 4
Each evening I've been working on my Spanish, knowing that it'll likely be an asset to have that skill at work. I took five years in Jr./Sr high school and I minored in it in college. I loved it...and then I didn't use it much and the cobwebs collected. So I'm dusting things off and am really enjoying it and even a little surprised how easily some of it comes back.

I ended up sitting with a customer this week and did the entire meeting in Spanish. The woman brought a friend with her who I think was intended to be a translator, but she really just asked me the questions in slower Spanish. It was a little rough, but we definitely got the job done, with just a minor incident. As part of the loan application, I have to ask if the customer is married or single. By accident, I asked her if she had a wife. Pretty sure I was blushing, but she laughed it off.

Buenos dias! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Giving Thanks, Too

Thanksgiving Day dawned cool and, most importantly, dry! Every year I remember how cold and slushy and rainy it was for the road race the year I was pregnant. I ran on Thanksgiving and three days later went into labor with Amanda, who was born nine days early. ;)

That year I ran because I had a consecutive-years streak going that I cared about but the last two years I had to preserve my energy for things like walking from the couch to the kitchen or up the stairs to bed, so my streak ended. But this year H, fresh off of his cross country season, wanted to run so I signed up again. Ray joined in, too and was able to finish.

Once I got there, it felt good to be back. Sarah and I stuck together the whole time and got to chat, which was really nice.

Back at the house, Shaun was cooking his one meal for the year, the Thanksgiving turkeys. Avery was both intrigued and grossed out. ;)

The family gathered and we had a lovely, chill day. Much, much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Giving Thanks

We've been giving thanks in big ways and small. Small ways...making a choice to have a heart attitude that is grateful and big ways...gathering up lots of family in one place and having a celebration.

In keeping with tradition, my side got together at my sister's house the weekend before Thanksgiving. I couldn't help but remember last year on this day Shaun and I headed down to Urgent Care in NYC because I was on chemo and had spiked a fever. I ended up getting admitted and missed the whole party. It was pretty not fun, though the dude nurse did the best job accessing my port of anyone before him or since. I digress...!

The girls were willing helpers in the kitchen as we prepared food to bring.

It was a nice quiet, easy day, it was just disappointing that my brother had to miss. He was attending the funeral of a fellow (young) chaplain who had just died from cancer. So sad. And hard to hear. A poignant reminder to give thanks for this day, this moment.

Flowers by Amy...she's amazing!

It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to His name.