Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Project 365, Week 50

Holy moly, the year is winding down in a hurry...yikes!!

December 4
This boys loves to chat. I try to stop and really listen to him, but when I can't, he's happy to follow me around to tell me his tales. I think this evening he was talking about WWII strategies.

December 5
Shaun and I met a builder and walked a couple properties. We are not really looking to build, but we're discovering our need/wish list is not common. The off-the-shelf houses we've looked at are not set up to do foster care or regularly host large family gatherings.

Both pieces of property had good and bad, but both were interesting. And so we continue to pray and seek God's guidance. We're not a bit tempted to do anything out of His will for us.

December 6
Shaun and I both got what we think was food poisoning so we were sick for 24 hours, together. Not ideal, but we made it work. It was good to wake up this morning feeling good!

December 7
Last dress rehearsal, so I joined the family to take pictures. Amanda played the sassy daughter well. ;)

December 8
Sweet little saplings...just need a little dusting of snow.

Opening night! We went out for treats after, since we had J and K's boyfriends with us.

December 9
Aiden watched with anticipation as the first snowflakes of the season came down.

Aiden and Avery had their first two games of the season, even with the snow.

They had so much fun...I love to watch them and listen to their excitement.

December 10
We met at the mall and shopped for the two families we "adopted" for Christmas. The cousins are always SO happy to be together.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Project 365, Week 49

November 27
Our little Amanda Hope, who I call "Jane" most of the time, turned 11. After school and in between basketball practices, we went to her favorite restaurant, Subway. :)

We got her a snow cone maker, which is completely random and eccentric and so her. :)

Many days later, I snapped an actual birthday photo. She is a blessing and has a huge heart. She loves justice and truth. She is a challenge and a treasure and will be a world-changer.

November 28
Aiden spends hours and hours and hours reading, especially the comic book Bible. If you know anyone who likes comic-style stories, I can't recommend the Action Bible enough. Its amazing!

November 29
It was time for my 6-month check-up at Sloan. We decided to pull the kids from school and make a family day of it. It ended up being a beautiful, almost 60 degree day, perfect for walking in the city!
Traffic was especially heavy and the 2.5 hour ride took almost 4.

 I was already anxious about being at the cancer center and then I was stressed from the gridlock. Shaun did a good job distracting the kids so I could pace and pray alone. I think they were counting taxis in a specified amount of time.

This building holds so many strong, fresh memories for me in a love/hate kind of way. I love my doctors and nurses and am thankful for the amazing care I get there, but untold hard has happened there, too and being there reminds me.

Free Santa-Hat Day at Radio City for the Christmas Spectacular.

We had time to walk to Times Square, do a little Christmas shopping at the Disney Store and see the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree (being lit that night, which was a major cause of the traffic)

November 30
This boy and his pajamas!

Shaun is home to me. This whole scene...the work flannel that he's had for 20+ years, the taping tools out, lovingly improving our home, working under the pressure of an upcoming holiday and the Christmas music going, because we are in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I can predict which songs he will start singing softly and off-key too, without even knowing he's doing it. The familiarity of it all makes my heart swell with gratitude.

December 1
Seventh grade and their pre-school "buddies" presented Mass.

Shaun is doing some work on his grandfather's house, getting it presentable to put on the market. Since it was a nice afternoon, the kids and I went over to help for a bit. So many leaves!

It was a big night for the teens. K had a homecoming dance at her school...

and J and Avery went to the youth group Christmas party, which was first class.

We got to see H, who still attends youth group regularly.

December 2
I love this one that Avery snapped. Gavin especially loves Aiden and Aiden is happy to oblige.

Aiden's first "real" basketball game ever, he's on the town's 3rd & 4th grade team. He's not been enthusiastic about it and Shaun and I have had to push him, but knowing how competitive he is, we thought he might start to enjoy it once there was a scoreboard. We were right. ;)

There was a classical concert at my dad's church. My sister and I surprised him there because it was his birthday. The very first song of the concert was "Happy Birthday". :) Its always fun to see him in his element...he's been pastoring since I can remember and he does people well.

Sweet Renna slept over and she and Avery were pals for the morning.

J came home with some ribbons from a horse show. She is very passionate about it and it makes her very happy.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thanksgiving Vol 2

Thanksgiving Day and the kids were excited and up early. I found them tucked away watching a video. They can be so sweet together.

Number 15? 16?-ish Road Race for me. The faces change a bit every year but its always a fun time.

As an added bonus, I stumbled into my sister at the starting line.

SO many costumes but this person who ran the entire 4.78 miles wearing a live, decorated Christmas tree was a favorite.

Twins! :)

Shaun and Aiden broke out the WW II board game Axis & Allies. Over the holiday weekend they played for hours and hours and hours. Watching them makes me laugh, because they essentially share the same brain. A few tried to understand the game but its a commitment just to learn how to play.

My oldest nephew very sweetly pointed out that he has an 18-year streak of being at our house on Thanksgiving. It means the world to me that he has, and also that it means something to him. All hearts go to Auntie's for Thanksgiving. :)

Always lots of help.

Kids table.

"Adult" table. :)

Crazy thankful for this guy and the messy fairytale we're living.

Birthday celebrations for these three November babies.

The next day we laid low and put up Christmas decorations but the tree didn't get decorated until Saturday when we could do it all together.

Then we headed to Sarah's to take advantage of his dad visiting from Chicago.

Blessed with cousins and grandparents and great-grandparents. I try to express to my kids how relatively big their family is and how blessed they are, but its just normal to them.

Its not all perfect, but we have much to be thankful for!

Since everything God created is good, we should not reject 
any of it but receive it with thanks.
I Timothy 4:4