Sunday, May 24, 2015

Project 365, Week 21

May 17
I picked up a nerf gun for Aiden so he could hunt pesky squirrels. It was a big hit all week.
We gathered for a picnic at Shaun's mom's house...such a great day to be outside and we are so blessed to have family who are friends.

May 18
R turned 19! I sent him and his girlfriend to dinner with a gift card after he opened presents at home. This is going to be a big year for him.

May 19
R walked his girlfriend out when her mom came to pick her up. The kids were peeking out the window and were giggling that they kissed.
 May 20
Earth Day at school and everyone worked together to beautify the school property.

Aiden hung out in the cafeteria for a popsicle, with his sister doting on him. Come fall, he's going to be one cool cat, being "in" with those big 4th and 5th graders.
May 21
Both girls had teeth cleaning appointments. Amanda said, That feels SO good...I could stay here all day! And when we got out to the car with new toothbrushes and toothpaste and stickers Avery just kept exclaiming what a great that is and what a good job they do. :)
We visited the cemetery and checked in on Grandpa's grave. The kids declared it "the nicest one there".

May 22
Sometimes a man's got to get right to work and there's no time for breakfast or getting dressed or putting shoes one.
May 23
My soccer girls.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Florida- Day 6, 7 & 8


A quiet sunrise before heading to a day at Busch Gardens.

Shaun and I marveled at how easy the kids were this trip. We are anxious for an empty nest enjoyed the benefits of having older children. For the first time, there was no stroller or diaper bag to schlep and it was ok if naps didn't happen. Shaun and I even went out for a long, early-morning walk together, leaving sleeping children at home, but knowing if any one of them woke up, they'd be fine without us for a bit. We've had nearly ten years of vacationing with little ones and its noticeably pleasant to do it with not-so-little ones.
 We all love this park...there are plenty of good things for everyone.

 Props to grandparents who do roller coasters!

Nathan and Shaun are both it wasn't surprising that they met a real estate agent to look at a rental house in the area. It wasn't a good fit, but their wheels got turning.
 Nana made her traditional blueberry pancake breakfast, along with her lovely assistant. So yummy!

 Nathan + John = Trouble.
 The family that plays poker together stays together.

 Per tradition, Nana and John treated us to a dining experience at The Melting Pot...a grand finale to a wonderful week. After, I bugged everyone for a couple group pictures.

 I didn't really grow up with grandparents, but when Shaun and I started dating, I was happy to adopt his grandparents as my own. I've been so blessed to call this lady "Nana" for nearly 25 years. She is smart, has an amazing memory and is a whiz at crossword puzzles. She is brave and strong...she has faced much adversity and come out with her head high and meeting each new day with a smile. Nana's always ready with a hearty laugh and truly delights in watching her family succeed. She's also the reason my husband and kids are chocolate fiends.

I love that she requested a picture, just us girls.

One last sunrise....
 ...and time in "my spot".
 ...and a dip in the ocean.

 ...before hitting the road.

We're so grateful to Nana and Grandpa John for making this trip possible for us each year. Many great memories have been made over the years but for sure this one will always stand out.