Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Project 365, Week 34

Ah summer. We took in the last full week of it, even though school started seeping in.

August 19
The girls took a Babysitting safety course...Amanda felt like it was 7 hours of her life wasted, Avery felt like it could've been condensed into one hour, but she learned a couple things.

August 20
This was my least worst back-to-school-shopping experience with the kids. Progress! :)

The girls were giddy to be able to organize all their things.

August 21
Our traditional end-of-summer girls dinner down on the water. Love gleaning wisdom from these ladies and being a part of their lives.

August 22
Our neighborhood has a block party coming up and we used the planning of it as an excuse to get together. I offered to serve dinner and it was such a nice evening to sit out around the table...I've grown fond of many of the neighbor ladies.

August 23
Amanda's chorus teacher asked for students to sing for the faculty back-to-school day. It required a practice earlier in the week and an 8am morning during the summer...when I saw there were only six students, that made me extra glad Amanda participated. Plus, it was a song from The Greatest Showman. :)

We walked the empty halls to find her new locker and locate her classrooms. There is one hallway that has the playbill cover from about a dozen Broadway shows painted on the ways. Every time I've been in the hallway alone with the girls, I've sung and danced the tunes from the shows. Its possible I'm most annoying mom ever, but I'm hoping in the middle of their school day, when they're walking down that hallway, they'll picture me skipping and singing, Let's Go fly a Kite. :)

August 24
My last marathon was almost two years ago and I haven't run anything significant since then, haven't even had a twinge of desire to run. But. This day I discovered what could potentially get me back into running. My little guy, after reading a book about a boy who spent the summer training with his Navy SEAL uncle, got inspired to wake up early to do pushups and take a run. No chance of me turning that down!

Our once-a-summer tradition...the drive-in. Lion King was riveting.

August 25
There was a meeting at church for all the children's workers to review purpose and vision and safety. We started out in groups. Being timed, we were instructed to list 10 Nobel Prize winners, the last 10 World Series winners, etc. When the buzzer went off, our list was fairly incomplete. Then we all joined as one group and the children's pastor put up this slide. In seconds, that list was pretty easy to complete, making the point that big, famous, important, well-paid people are not the ones who leave an impression on you or have a lasting and meaningful impact. We all have the potential for great influence in our little corner of the world.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Project 365, Week 33

Not the first time I've marveled at all that a week can hold...we live crazy enough lives that Mondays can often look very different from Friday. God has uniquely gifted us to deal with the chaos and the "swings". I'm grateful.

August 12
Quiet, peace, beauty...early mornings on the water.

Many, many hours were spent fishing and catching bait for fishing. Shaun so patiently hooked the bait and unhooked the fish over and over again. All three kids were pretty into it.

August 13
Last morning at our little island getaway. There was no power when we woke up, so we were happy to be getting out of there. We're not very hardy and the "charm" of the island had worn off.

August 14
I have several years of blog books printed and occasionally the kids pull them out and go through them, with great delight. Seeing them enjoy it so much makes me very happy about the time I've invested into keeping a family record.

The middle school team, holding a co-ed, informal, pre-season practice.

August 15
Last day of swim lessons.

Amanda, K and I went for a little hike on a beautiful day.

August 16
J got back from Guatemala very early in the morning. She took a little nap and then sat at the kitchen counter and told me all about her trip for a solid hour without taking a breath. To sum it up, it was amazing, incredible, hard work, great people and she loved every second of it.

Avery and Amanda got to have a sleepover and beach day with their closest friends from their old school and soccer team. Such a great group of girls!

While they were there, I was collecting babies. ;) Dakota spent the weekend with us, additionally we did respite for two sisters. It was a bit chaotic, but the kids really jumped in and helped with what needed to be done.

August 17
Aiden wasn't super happy about it (because girls) but the 4 year-old really latched on to him.

My view as I was getting dinner ready after church.

August 18
Sunday morning started early, with lots of little people outside.

Old men. :)

Our Junior Bible Quiz group had a picnic. The kids have formed some special friendships over the past year so it was fun to spend the afternoon together.