Saturday, January 19, 2019

January's 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month (Thursday).
{Document a snapshot of your life; find beauty among the ordinary things in your day! }

Every morning I bring Amanda coffee in bed and we read and pray together. We're learning that happiness is a choice, and that choice is presented to us early in the day. :)

My workouts have gotten shorter and more sporadic but I shoot for every other was my lucky day. ;)

They're pretty independent but its still a nearly two hour process getting everyone out the door to school in the morning. As you can see, they arrive downstairs in various states of wakefulness. :)

Between taxes and financial services, there is so.much. continuing education to do. I thought this particular scene was particularly disturbing.

Thankful that I usually get to be home for when the kids get home from school.

I tried to take the Christmas tree down on January 1 per usual, but Avery really wanted it to stay up. Our compromise was to take off ornaments and leave the tree with just the lights on. But today was take down!

Cookies. :)

Aiden does not love his basketball team, but at least he has a gym to run in and shoot around a couple times a week.

Our friend Brent was at church filming his latest show. Avery and I went to take pictures while there was no audience.

Big bonus...we got to see cousins. :)

Monday, January 14, 2019

Project 365, Week 1

Happy New Year!

CONFESSION: Sometimes all the New Year memes and slogans and quotes and pep talks wear me out. They feel trite, disingenuous, like offering a bandaid to a girl with an amputation. If that's you, too, I'll share a little secret. My goal this year and every day of every year is quite simple:

To stay as close as possible to the One who made me. Because getting closer to Him will bring me closer to who I was meant to be. ~Michele Cushatt

I love goals and measurable accomplishments, but more and more I'm finding that the things I'm called to do, the people I'm called to reach, the ways I'm meant to spend my time are not measurable, at least not in a checklist style. And that's this season, I'm just going to make it my aim to stay as close to goal is to grow into the person He made me to be.

I also just want to take this new year, week one and say thank you for your love and support and faithful readership. Blogging for me has certainly looked different at different times and through it all many of you have been so gracious to come here and read and check in on our family. Thank you.

December 31
Shaun and I met some friends for breakfast who are facing hardship. I remember that New Year's Eve had a sting to it when we were firmly in the middle of our struggle. It felt like everyone else was getting a fresh start with a new year but we had no end in sight and it was just more of the same hard. Life is hard and community is vital....its an honor to "bear each other's burdens".

After being with us almost two years, after turning 19, after one college semester under her belt, after securing a steady job, K was ready to move into her own apartment. It was a mutual decision and it was on good terms. All seven of us, two cars and a pickup truck went to move her into the new place.

A couple days later  a friend asked if I had cried. It was more on the celebration end than the crying end, even if I was a "crier". We launched one!! She'll make mistakes and run into problems, just like we all did, but she's as ready as she was going to be. Shaun and I think about an empty nest with giddy anticipation, not dread (much as we love all these little darlings ;).

We spent the evening gathered with friends.

January 1
Thankful for each day I get with this guy.

We spent our annual New Year's Day celebrating Christmas with Shaun's grandmother....and lots of cousins!

January 2
Classic day-after-"Christmas" activity.

Maddy stopped by the office to say hi and brought both Shaun and I lunch...SO sweet!

My new desk is good quality, inexpensive but got delivered in approximately 525 pieces.

January 3
It'd been far too long, but Shelva and I finally got some time together. We've been friends for 30 (!!) years and it was only the first four that we lived in the same state. Its always been an ultra-low maintenance friendship and very special.

January 4
First order of business, a bath. At one point over the weekend Amanda said, Mom, I don't know why, but I feel so much love for D. So sweet!

January 5
Junior Bible Quiz meet, conveniently hosted at our church.

K and her boyfriend joined us at church so we went out to dinner after. At the last minute we got to add our youth pastors too, which was an extra special treat, albeit an eclectic group (as we are known to be) of eleven.

January 6
I had to take a picture of the beautiful flowers K had brought me the day before...such pretty light and such a sweet thought! Then I noticed the baby formula can in the back. Flowers from my college student who is living on her own and baby food for the baby who depends on me for so much. That is my life.

As Aiden and I headed out to JBQ practice, we remarked at the beautiful ice pattern on my car window.

Sweet boy. If this sweet face ever comes across your mind, please say a prayer for him.

The drive to pick up the baby and then return him is long. Shaun and I left the kids home and rode together. He bought me coffee and we talked. We called it a date. :)

Monday, December 31, 2018

Project 365, Week 52

The last week of the year...Christmas and then quiet. It was a special time with family, celebrating in our new house, which works just as we'd hoped for a large crowd. We are so very blessed.

December 24
Since K had to work on Christmas, the kids opened gifts from us and each other on Christmas Eve morning. It was really sweet to see how much effort and thought they put into giving.

We went to the candlelight service at church and then Amy's for dinner. It was a super special evening.

December 25
Cousins (just missing the Texas Six)!

December 26
Cousins came for dinner and a dance party. :)

December 27

December 28
It was a pain, but this girl finally got her permit. When we got in the car after she passed she said, "Thanks for pushing me, Mom." Ha!

Later, all the kids and I went bowling with our foster care agency. Then we spent a couple hours in the Apple store getting my phone fixed after a week and another couple hours fitting horse-riding equipment.

December 29
Company-wide training and a general sadness that tax season is just about here.

J's horse show was local so we stopped by to watch her compete. She placed 3rd and qualified for regionals.

I had a lovely dinner out with a couple neighbor ladies...of the three of us, I've been here the longest, a whole five months. :) I'm so thankful to be in our community.

December 30
The new R2D2 BopIt has been popular since Christmas.

Project 365, Week 51

This was a full week with lots of Christmas countdown/prep/celebration. It was also the countdown to the end of the year, the deadline for lots of things work-related for Shaun and I. I worked to keep the "reason for the season" in mind.

December 17
In anticipation of K moving out on January 1, we started swapping bedrooms, now each kid will have their own space.

December 18
I had a vision for this large wall in our "game room" to be a cousin wall, filled with prints of some of our favorite people in the world.

Shaun measured it out precisely, never once complaining or even sighing, although hanging pictures is a despised job.

December 19
Couple more photos to choose, but mostly done! :)

We picked up the new-to-us ping pong table that we bought the kids for Christmas...its been a hit!

December 20
It was so sweet to watch the kids excitedly and thoughtfully shop for each other and wrap.

December 21
Christmas party at youth group with a "Great Gatsby" theme....they looked amazing and so grown up! While they were there, Shaun and I attended a neighborhood was a nice time of connecting with neighbors who we are working on making friends (pictures got lost on my phone).

December 22
Shaun's sister hosted Christmas, which is always a special time, and this year with more kids than ever! :)

December 23
The morning after Christmas means Lego construction. :)