Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally...A Lake Day!

Yesterday we spent a couple hours at my mom's house on the lake. Even though we loaded up in the rain, it was dry and sunny by the time we got there. The girls, along with Cousin Allie, had a fun time being in the water, digging in the sand and eating popsicles.

Don't you wonder what this conversation was about?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Weeks Old

This is what Aiden has been dressed in for the last couple days because its been so hot. When Aiden or Daddy have their shirt off, Amanda calls them "nakey boy".

I think we've all been adjusting well, though Amanda has taken the brunt of it, I would say. She's had a setback with the potty, though she hasn't been in diapers during the day for the past six months. Its frustrating, but we're trying to be a little understanding. She also wants me to hold her at ridiculously impossible times, like when I'm holding the baby with one hand and carrying something in the other. But, she shows only love and concern for Aiden. Sometimes she asks to hold him, but only enjoys it until he makes his first peep, then I have to take him right back.

Avery is in love and wants to hold him all the time. She narrates what he is "saying" constantly. She'll say, "He's like, I want Momma." Always "he's like...". Like? Already?? I've caught her a few times trying to get fancy and lifting him up to hand to me, so we still need to be careful, but mostly she's just really sweet and attentive with him.

He was 9 lbs, 12 ozs and 22 1/4 in long at his two-week check-up. Clearly he's eating enough! He does four and five hours stretches, the fives especially when he has awake time with his daddy late at night. This has allowed me to feel fairly well rested, for which I am thankful. My hands are full very often, since he likes to be held (something I haven't exactly been discouraging), but I've enjoyed taking the pace of life down just a notch to oblige. I know quite well how fleeting this is, particularly these first couple weeks and months.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Project 365, Week 30

July 19
Sweet little man, all dressed up for church

July 20
We met my mom, who was watching my two nieces at the splash park. Both Juliet and Allison were there, but we didn't catch Allie in the right mood to cooperate for a picture.

July 21
There were several showers at the game, so the girls huddled under the umbrella with Enny and shared her pretzels while Aiden and I were under our own umbrella.

July 22

July 23
Another wet game. The girls pretended they were at the carnival and did face-painting. They also covered the bleachers with mud. Aiden and I left after the first game, but Shaun stayed to watch the game after us and ended up playing for them. By the time they got home at 10:30, it was pouring, but as you can see by these faces, they had a blast!

July 24
Avery woke up early and came down to the couch where I was holding Aiden. We read her bible and sang songs and cuddled. She loves to look at this Victorian Homes book and comment on all the pictures. "Oh, Mom! Isn't this gorgeous!?" "I like that couch. Isn't it beautiful? Mom, do you like it, too?" Her favorite room is a sitting room done mostly in purple. I think I'll consult her on our next remodeling project.

July 25
The girls went with Pop and Kiki to a farm with acres and acres of sunflowers. They did a hayride, got ice-cream and brought these back for me.

We went to my sisters' church for their Saturday evening service, so the '09 boys were together. I don't think we'll tire of getting pictures of the 3 and 4 of them together as they grow. These three are two months apart...its still so unbelievable, even to us.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Music Truck

One of the "benefits" of "city" living is that the ice-cream truck drives past our house and around our neighborhood at least once a day. Two summers ago when Avery was two, she got excited when she heard the music as we were taking our daily walk. With visions of whining and begging, I panicked a little and referred to it as the "music truck". Its not that we lie to our kids, because we don't. And its not that I can't say no, because I do, often. And its not that I would never buy them ice-cream from a truck, because I would. It just seemed to be a good answer at the time and it stuck.

Over the years its evolved though. It has now become "Daddy's Music Truck" since they associate the truck with softball games because nearly every evening they make their rounds through the park where daddy plays softball. So now when either Avery or Amanda (especially Amanda) hear the music, they drop whatever they are doing and come running to tell one of us that they heard the music truck so daddy has a softball game. I can't imagine them getting anymore excited about it, even if they knew ice-cream could possibly be involved.

This silly music truck comes by right on schedule every afternoon to cut Amanda's nap short by about 20 minutes. If she hears that music on either end of her nap, she is up, talking about how we have to get ready for softball.

And speaking of softball, here's some of the best fans around before our game Tuesday night. As soon as we tell them there is a game, they run upstairs to put their shirts on, even if its three hours before we need to leave. So cute!
So, do you think we can get through the rest of the summer without being "found out"?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Backyard Fun

Sunday was Aiden's first time in church and he slept right through.

After, we went to Nathan and Laryssa's for games and a cookout. Uncle Nathan had told the girls about the new slip-n-slide he'd bought and they were excited to try it out. I think he was happy to have his nieces there as good excuse for him to use it. They are new to the neighborhood and the neighbors might wonder about him if he was out there alone. :) The laugher and squeals all afternoon was such a happy sound.

They took a break and we ate scallops, shrimp and chicken.

This is how Aiden spent his afternoon, right under the ceiling fan.

Then it was trampoline time and Nathan, Laryssa and the girls all took turns showing off their tricks. Shaun and I got some time for adult conversation sitting on the deck enjoying the beautiful day. Fun day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

One Week Old

Aiden is one week old today. It actually feels like he's been with us much longer, in a good way, not in a I-haven't-slept-in-a-whole-week kind of way. Its not scary to take care of the three of them like it was at first when we added a second. It feels completely natural to have him here and strangely...easy.

Of course, there wasn't a whole lot expected of me this past week. I didn't work, I got a couple naps, Shaun did some of the night duties, meals were brought to us and Shaun insisted I take it easy with the housework. Although I felt spoiled, my body appreciated the slow really took me most of the week to be feeling fairly normal. My sweet husband attributes this to the fact that I'm not as young as I used to be. :)

But enough about me...back to Aiden. He slept most of the week away, including three and four hour stretches at night. Although I haven't gotten it on video yet, he has rolled over four separate times. The first time was when he was two days old, so although I watched him do it, I ignored that it had happened 'cause that's just impossible. Well, yesterday I left him for three minutes, tops, on his stomach in the middle of our bed and he rolled to his back and turned 90 degrees. Then today twice, so his couch-sleeping days are over.

Avery loves to hold him. Amanda sings Jesus Loves Me to him when he's crying. She really gets nervous when he cries, so it goes something like, "Jesus loves me, this I know for the...Mom! I think he wants you!!" Shaun has begun teaching him the Red Sox starting line-up. too. Yeah, we're definitely enjoying him.

I'll make a better attempt at this next week.

And just for fun, this is how Amanda started her day.


Saturday night Shaun had a surprise for all of us, the only thing we knew was that we needed to get dressed up. He took us to the local community theater to see a production of Cinderella. We'd never been, so our expectations were very low. Well, we were completely impressed with the entire thing. The music, the quality of the acting, the costumes, everything was done very well. The girls were entranced and Aiden slept through the whole show...typical guy!

The ushers thought it was so amazing that there was a five-day old baby in attendance and were sure it was a record for the theater company. Apparently, the stage manager announced to the cast, prior to the show, that little Aiden was there. He caused quite a stir.

The show was two hours, with an intermission, during which the girls and I visited the ladies room. As we came out of the stall we were faced with the usual line of women waiting. One said to Amanda, "What a pretty dress! I bet that is good for twirling. Can you do a twirl?" Without a word, Amanda wound up and did a big twirl right there in the bathroom in front of the line of ladies. Funny!

After the show, the cast went outside for pictures and autographs. Avery took several pictures and then they both went right up to Cinderella and got their picture taken. Then they got her autograph, then Avery wanted another picture with her. Cinderella was played by a high school sophomore, so you better believe she was eating up the attention of these two star-struck girls!

Daddy scored huge, huge points on the evening from us all.

The next morning Avery was talking to me about the night. She said in wonderment, "Mom, when Cinderella was up on stage I thought she was pretend just for the show. But then we saw her outside and she was real!" This coming from the girl who has never been taught about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, etc. It was so much fun to see the delight on their faces. They've been asking their daddy if he will take them to the show again...we'll see how that goes!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project 365, Week 29

July 12
We had a picnic with Shaun's family after church with perfect weather.

But this is what I will most remember about the day...labor, all night.

July 13
Birth day! Shaun and I got to meet our son.
July 14
Aiden's first softball game.
July 15
First at-home bath...loved it (ha!)

July 16
Man time, watching the Tour de France
July 17
Aiden hasn't been here a week and already there are three pairs of shoes being left on the kitchen floor

July 18
Aiden's first birthday party. It was an adult birthday but the girls had a blast playing with friends.
Thanks for hosting, Sara!