Friday, October 31, 2014

What a Guy!

For no good reason, Aiden and I waited until just this week to do his (July) birthday photoshoot.  We just went out into the yard for about 10 minutes, but he was really into it and the poses and locations are all his own....Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart.  ;)

He and I are in our third year of being home together while the others are off at school and we both recognize how incredibly special it is.  

Yesterday in the car we were talking about the work he had done with his daddy and uncle the day before....fixing a hot water heater, replacing a toilet, being up on a roof (??), etc.  He was very proud to have been included in the day's work.

I told him I like a man who is a hard worker and that someday he is going to be a good provider for his family.  (While he still highly values my opinion and hears my words, I often talk to him about the things I like in a man....honorable, hard-worker, protector, Jesus-seeker, honest, compassionate....the things he gets to see his daddy living out every day.)

That launched him into a 15-minute monologue about when he has sons he is going to show them how to work hard and be kind and have hearts that love Jesus.  And once they love Jesus, they will be able to tell other people and then their children will be able to tell others and then the world will know in China and Massachusetts and Russia and California that Jesus is the King.  That will make the devil mad and he'll want to do something, but there will be too many people who know Jesus and so the devil won't be able to do anything.

At five he's still not fully potty trained but he gets living and leaving a legacy and how each generation makes families grow exponentially and the importance of overcoming evil with good.  Also, he pulled something out of our social studies lesson this week!  :)

A couple weeks ago Meg took our family pictures.  Before I'd even asked, Aiden came down fully dressed in his best.  He didn't match our color scheme and I was hoping for a more casual look, but his unbidded (probably not a word since spell check can't find it) effort made my heart swell.  What a kid.
Here's a little sneak peek of 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kick Like a Girl

Saturday was a beautiful day to sit on the sidelines, in the sun, surrounded by autumn colors at the girls' last regular season game.  I love watching my girls be athletic and strong and learning that their bodies do amazing things.

And even though they don't fully appreciate it now, I've tried to explain how cool it is that they get to play on the same teams together.  Its very special to see how they each rely on the other in unique ways.  In addition to the beautiful memories they are making together, Shaun and I are relieved to have them doubled up on the same team.  ;)

My beautiful girls in action...



Monday, October 27, 2014

Doing Battle, Week 5

 The big news for this week is that we started treatments!  We walked into the cancer center bright and early on Monday morning.   After briefly meeting with the oncologist, and setting up more appointment, we were ushered into the treatment room.  Several nurses looked up and smiled and knew who we were.

Lisa?  You're in the right place!
Really??  Because this feels very wrong that I'm here.

They found a nice corner spot for us that had a couple windows and in no time we were getting set up.

 If you know Shaun even a little then it will not come as a surprise to you that he has spent much of the last month pouring over journals and periodicals and trials in an effort to educate himself.  He was able to get a copy of the chemotherapy formula and was reading up on it.

I brought reading material, too but mostly I was just loved on all morning via text messages and in between nurses popping in, Shaun and I got to talk and enjoy being together.
This was the view from my chair for four hours.  The room is set up in a circular pattern, so that all patients can be seen from the nurses station.
So strange.  I've spent my entire life doing my best to not put bad things in my body and this day we were pouring toxins directly into my bloodstream as a life-saving measure.
These faces!  Definitely felt like Team Lisa was at work, knowing people were praying all over the country.
Stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a "few" things.
My very first symptom was the cold sensitivity....cold in my bones, but also my fingertips would get all numb and tingly when they were exposed to cold.
Aiden was sitting on a doctor's table a little bit nervously because we'd been teasing him about how many shots he was going to get.  He helps me keep everything in perspective.

We gingerly went through the week, learning the new ropes.  I was tired and without much of an appetite and cold.  But I have the luxury of being able to sleep when I need to, I have a warm house and my appetite is back now.

Week One is down and we're grateful to be taking action!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Project 365, Week 43

This week had lots of highs and lows as I wrestled with the first week on chemo, but today I feel amazing and that makes the whole world look different.

Here's a look at our week in all its ecclectic-ness.

October 19
The girls were super excited to have a soccer game "under the lights" but it turned out to be a cold, blustery evening.  They played hard in front of lots of fans.

 October 20
Chemo Treatment #1.
 October 21
I was so thankful to be able to drop off and pick up the girls from school.
 October 22
Picture day at school!  These two were just too sweet coming down in their coordinating shirts.  They wanted to be prepared for the sibling picture that happens in addition to individuals.

 October 23
Half day so they quickly got their homework done so they could watch Electric Company.
 October 24
Shaun worked on putting a door on my office to separate out the unheated part of the house.
 October 25
This little guy LOVES that he is a Royal Ranger now and was very excited about the hike they were doing.
 Shaun and I got to sit in the beautiful sunshine and watch the girls do their thing.
After church we got together with a couple neighbors and did a fire, city-slicker style, with roasting sticks purchased from Stop & Shop.  :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October's 10 on 10

If you've been anxiously wondering what I did every moment of the 10th day of of this month, wait no longer!  ;)

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month (Friday)!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

6 AM
Always a good the best way to start the day.

 8 AM
Walking to school.
 9 AM
With race day tomorrow, hydrating is the order of the day!
 10 AM
Good morning!
 11 AM
With warm sunshine streaming through the windows, we had to do school on the porch.
 1 PM
Half day for the girls.
 We took a family field trip to R's parent/teacher conferences.  We only needed to talk with his English teacher, but he wanted us to meet his art teacher as well.  She was sweet to answer questions from the kids about the different projects around her room.
 2 PM
A special pre-race delivery!
 3 PM
Another pre-race delivery!
 4 PM
And another.  Oh my!

Not pictured...many cards and texts of well-wishers for my marathon the next day.  So incredible!
 5 PM
Shaun and Avery are working on taking over the grocery shopping.
 7 PM
Football...home game, so R had lots of fans.