Thursday, June 22, 2017

Project 365, Week 25

This was a week of work and winding down the school year....lots of toiling and celebrating. Life.

June 12
Late evening doing office renovations.

June 13
Since Avery is in youth group, she also sits in the adult service on weekends now. I was teaching in the toddler class so I asked her to take notes for me. I spent my time this morning reading through them and looking up the passages used. I'm grateful for the truth that is taught week after week.

June 14
The gift of a new day.

It was a half day of school so we took a break at the river before heading to the office to work.

June 15
Last day in uniforms.

June 16
And the last official day of school! SO happy to have them for the summer!

The office looks like maybe there could be a business running in there, right until you round that first corner. ;)

June 17
We met up with family to bury great-grandpa. It was a brief and deeply moving time as he was buried with military honors. So very thankful for the man he was, for the legacy he has left.

Big day for Avery's team...they won the CT State Cup Finals game!! She's worked really hard and it was a big deal

We celebrated. :)

Shaun coached Amanda's last game, too.

June 18
Happy Father's Day! We all have much to celebrate in Shaun. He is a good provider, hard-working, faithful, and he serves quietly and consistently. He is self-controlled and patient and wise. He has a huge heart and is at his best behind closed doors with his family when no one is watching. He is a gift!

Yoda best dad in the galaxy! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

June's 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month (Saturday).
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day! }

I woke up on this Saturday feeling pressured by how much work needed to get done, so it was tempting to dive right in and get going. But I was reminded of the quote by Martin Luther, and really what I've learned from past experience (though not literally).

I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.

So much painting and scraping to be done at the other house.

Aiden slept over at Pop and Kiki's the night before and they sent me a couple pictures. Aiden, knowing Pop has struggled health-wise, wanted to pitch in with yard work and chores and "composting".

It was a hot morning for Shaun coaching and Amanda playing soccer.

One of the H&R Block offices is relocating, and with it Shaun's financial services business. Due to circumstances out of our control, there is a tight deadline to get the new space renovated and be moved out of the old space. There were plenty of jobs for everyone to pitch in and help with.

 I took a break from working and brought the kids to church. Amanda did her first of four services for the weekend. I was so proud of the way she "did it afraid" and really embraced the opportunity.

While she was there, I was next door teaching the Toddler Class. True confessions...I do it for the playdoh time. ;)

Back at it.

We were tired, hot and hungry and it was after 8pm. We stopped for pizza and enjoyed our time with just three kids, since the others were having sleepovers. Three feels so light, so easy!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Project 365, Week 24

Lots of everyday life, our life. I'm so grateful we finally broke out of the cold gray rain we were stuck in...a girl can only do so many days of that!

June 5
Aiden was pretty excited that he got to pitch during his game. Sometimes it looks more like a game of dodgeball when the kids are on the mound. :)

June 6
Amanda and Gavin were singing and dancing and clapping together.

June 7
Sweet relief to have warm sunshine after way too much rain.

June 8
More baseball. And soccer. And horseback riding. School and activities are nearing an end!

June 9
Avery's team played a great game, to advance to the state finals!

Sidelines love. :) Also, Amanda's poison ivy is much improved.

June 10
Shaun and Nathan's offices are moving locations! The commercial space needed a significant amount of updating and we are under a tight deadline, so it was all hands on deck.

Several months ago, Amanda bravely auditioned for the praise team in Kid's Church. She made it and this was her first week serving. She did so great and was glowing from her experience.

June 11
A bit unexpectedly, we worked about 14 hours this day, but we managed to spend an hour at the river, our first time of the season. It wouldn't make any top-destinations list, but its ours and we've logged many, many hours there over the years, making some great memories.

After swimming, the girls spent time experimenting with dams.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Project 365, Week 23

This week things stabilized and was much less stressful. We had some special celebrations, good family time and milestones.

May 29
So very grateful for all the brave people who have given their lives so that we can live in a free country...amazing!

The weather was terrible, so we switched plans and ended up at my sister's house, indoors. It was simple, relaxed, just right. We also got to share in Rocco's birthday celebration.

May 30
Our 23rd wedding anniversary! We left at dawn to get to the city for my CT Scan appointment. We walked past the building that was outside my hospital room window two years ago.

Back then, this was my view of it from the 15th floor of the hospital. We logged hours watching the crew work in the July heat.

May 31
More appointments, more good reports!

June 1
Colombo graduated highschool! All the 'how did we get heres?' and 'where did the time goes?' So very proud of him!

Birthday buddies! :)

June 2
This boy loves to chat, and I love to listen, especially when he's snuggled up on my lap.

So many emotions with this moment in time. Avery was among the 6th graders in church who transitioned to youth group this night. YOUTH GROUP! My baby Avery!

June 3
The old house continues to get work done...I thought it looked so pretty in the early morning sun. Now, to find some good tenants!

Amy hosted a family-only party to celebrate C's graduation....just his speed.

Amy and Colombo have parented so gracefully and diligently. I'm thankful for the example they've set, the trail they've blazed and the children they've produced and shared with us. :)

June 4
The girls played in a tournament of sorts, playing three shortened games each.