Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring IS coming

We hit 60 degrees today, so the girls and I donned our sweatshirts and headed out to one of our favorite hangouts. I wimped out and drove the 1-1.5miles because it was so windy (not good for contacts!). Avery kept saying, "I've never been to the park before! I've never gone on the swings before" and its did feel like we've been shut in for a long winter.

I delighted in hearing their squeals after the first big push and as a bonus we had a friend show up that we were not expecting. Good times and so nice to know we are on THIS side of winter!

"...Blessed be the name of God, forever and ever. He knows all, does all: He changes the seasons and guides history, He raises up kings and also brings them down, he provides both intelligence and discernment, He opens up the depths, tells secrets, sees in the dark—light spills out of him! God of all my ancestors, all thanks! all praise!..." Daniel 2:19

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's tough explaining this whole blog thing to "outsiders". When I'm reading someones blog and Avery comes over to ask me something or sit on my lap, she'll ask "Who's that?". The short answer is, "Oh honey, that's just a stranger."

But after a while, it becomes more than that. Slowly, through comments, emails and regular reading, you begin to form a unique friendship. You begin to feel like you know the blog author. For me, I think some of the almost immediate connection happens because I read mostly Christian we are family in the body of Christ without having ever met.

Jackie is one of my "stranger friends". She is so sweet and generous and very talented. She also has a beautiful three-year-old and a husband who supports her Internet habit. Jackie created and built this new blog design, out of the goodness of her heart. She is considering starting up a small business doing this very thing, and I hope she does! Thank you, Jackie...I love my new look.

Actually, I know of a way you could get a blog makeover done by her. Rachel, another one of my "stranger friends" and her husband are in the process of adopting a child from South Korea. She's got a fundraiser/giveaway going on right now that is worth checking out. Jackie's design services is one of the prizes.

Spend a few minutes checking both of them out. They both have such sweet-spirits and are good writers, too! Thanks again, Jackie!

( dance class today.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Avery learns Psalm 23

We haven't made any decisions with what we will do when it comes time for school, but I imagine homeschooling would be a lot of fun because Avery soaks up learning just about anything with much enthusiasm. We started working on this a week ago, so she and her cousin can say it together at their great-grandmother's memorial service.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project 365, Week 8

February 15
I didn't take this picture, but when I saw it on the church's website, I just had to include it. The girls had a sleepover at my dad's for Valentine's Day, so they went to church with him the next morning. He is the pastor there, so naturally his grandkids are pretty famous.

We had a night out with Shaun's sister and her husband. I think it was the first time the four of us have done anything together without kids and we had a wonderful evening. Dinner was at one of our favorite downtown restaurants and then we went to see Jersey Boys, which we all enjoyed. (Me, Shaun, Tony...Sarah was taking the picture with her phone)

February 16
As I was heading to bed, I realized I hadn't taken a picture that I found a sweet angel sleeping soundly.

February 17
My OB finally guilted me into going to the doctor after being sick for nearly a week, mostly because I was having difficulty breathing. As a rule, I consider the doctor and medication of any kind to be a very last resort, but I want to take good care of this little life I'm carrying.

February 18
We pass this sign on the way to dance class each week. It always puts a smile on my face to see the countdown!

February 19
Grammy came over to play. Amanda took the opportunity to dig in her purse for gum.

Playing dress up.

February 20

February 21
Singing and dancing at story hour.

Our friends invited us to witness the dedication of their son. What an awesome reminder that our children belong to the Lord.

There are more Project 365s at Sara's.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Playing Dress-up

This week the girls played "dress-up" with ALL their hair things. The adventure involved bringing in the hair things one handful at a time from the bathroom to their bedroom. I was able to listen in on the monitor from the office. Their make-believe is still primitive, yet both are quite entertained.

It's times like this I wonder, where are we going to fit a boy into all this craziness? And then I remember the things we did to my compliant, patient, laid-back, wonderful brother, and I know it'll all work out.

Teddy and Bear were the main subjects of the beautifying, and both were happy to comply, as usual.
Later that night, they took the combs to me. You haven't lived until Amanda has combed and "braided" your hair! Avery was interested in learning and she finally got pretty good doing a ponytail...she's now qualified to do my hair everyday. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whirly Twirly Wednesday

I would have long ago stopped posting Amanda's dance pictures each and every week, but I regularly get comments, both written and verbal, that there are some of you who only visit my blog because of these pictures. Or maybe you said that you think she is adorable, cute and you look forward to Wednesdays because of it.

At any rate, its common knowledge now what Wednesdays is all about around here, so those of you who enjoy it can make a point of visiting and those of you who are of the mind "you've seen one kid in a purple leotard, you've seen them all", you know to make it a point to not visit.

Here you have it, for yet another week. Our stocky ballerina.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Murder Mystery Dinner

On Saturday we hosted our 6th Annual Murder Mystery Dinner Party. This year the story was all the guests were assembled for a wedding, but the groom arrived in the limo dead. We worked on the investigation of "Who Killed Cupid" over four courses of dinner, but no one figured out "who-dun-it" (only because it didn't make sense!)

Our guests were assigned their roles a couple days prior and they came in full costume ready to perform. The enthusiasm that each person put into their character and costume design really made the game. I laughed so hard!

We have amazing friends!! Costume assembly included borrowing from parents, siblings, friends, grandmothers and deep in the closet. Also a trip to the thrift store and a visit to the Wal Mart women's section by a certain grown man. Thanks, Friends, for coming and playing such an important role in our special evening. Here is the cast of...characters.

Bethany-model, Chris-guitarist

Sienna-wedding singer, Micah-sound coordinator

Connie-crazy old aunt, Eric-film director

Colombo-first ex-husband of bride-to-be, Amy-wife and personal assistant

Laryssa-photographer, Nathan-gondolier

Lisa- bride-to-be (x4), Shaun-drummer

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project 365, Week 7

February 8
Good friends of ours are having their first baby. As Sarah was opening her presents, I was remembering back and thinking 'there is just no way she has any idea of knowing what they are getting into'. Soon their hearts will be filled in a place they didn't know was empty and they will know love on a level that has never existed for them before. Blessings, Jason and Sarah!

Later that day we went to Pop and Kiki's house. They invited us all over for a sledding and chili eating party. We had a warm couple days, and as you can see, much of the snow had melted in front of his house, but that didn't stop him or the kids.
They just invested in a quality tube for the kids...their favorite place for discretionary money to go...and it worked really well! The kids had a blast, but Pop and Christina were glowing, too.
Amanda wasn't thrilled about having to go on with someone, she prefers to go alone. She also refuses help walking back up the hill. At one point, she was laying flat on her stomach, eating snow, because her thumb-less mittens don't allow her to pick up anything.
Shaun's siblings and co brought Chinese over later after having spent some time at the hospital visiting Shaun's grandmother. Anytime we can all be together is a treat.
February 9
The phone call came late at night that Shaun's grandmother's suffering was over and she was in heaven with Jesus.February 10
Four months (18 weeks) Feeling great! My mom and Bobbi watched the kids so Shaun and I could go out and have some time together...we needed the breather.
This is how I see these faces most everyday after lunch...peanut butter and fluff. Fluff is one of those things I swore against before being a parent.
February 11
Shaun brings this bag to work with him everyday, January-April. Amanda calls it "Daddy's purse". He's been trying to get her to say "man bag".
February 12
The only picture I got from the day. We were all kinda sick.

February 13
I helped the girls make cupcakes for Valentine's Day. When I left the room for a couple minutes, the temptation was just too great for a certain 3-year-old. The 2-year-old is no angel, she was still napping.
February 14
Our Annual Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Dinner. Fun, fun, fun!!
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Scripture Memory #3

Proverbs 12:18
Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.