Friday, July 29, 2016


6. Quietly observe a little boy and his puppy hanging out together. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Project 365, Week 30

Summer is my very favorite. I love the weather of course, and also the flexibility there is without a school or sports schedule. So luxurious! And the kids have been able to take advantage of some really special opportunities.

July 18
The girls were off to church camp in New Hampshire....

Which left us with just the boys for the week. Its interesting to see how the dynamics change as the combination of kids change. (These two boys were an easy combination!)

July 19
Aiden attended a morning basketball camp four days this week at our local highschool. I thoroughly enjoyed our chatty walks to and from.

At camp, Avery was having a rough time. Her foot, where the shell was taken out, became infected, so much so that she ended up at the ER in New Hampshire. I was in contact with the camp nurse (who was amazing!!) and she kept assuring me Avery was ok. I SO wanted to drive up and get her but we also knew it could a valuable growing experience for her.

At the ER they took the stitches out, upped her antibiotics and put her on crutches. And after all that she was smiling. In reality, her foot problems yielded her lots of special attention and spoiling. :)

July 20
Kiki called and asked if Aiden could go picking with her. He LOVES to "harvest" and even though he doesn't eat anything that comes out of a garden, he's very intrigued by it all. This retired couple, who attend my dad's church, were thrilled to have Aiden around and to share their bounty.

H took advantage of a last minute service opportunity with the youth group. They served food and cleaned up a park in Hartford. It was just one evening but it was a little emotional for me that he was there. It wasn't long ago that he was on the other side, but God is weaving a beautiful story for his life. (pics stolen from IG) 

July 21
Our foster care agency held its annual summer picnic. I invited R to come along and we were surprised and delighted to see S there, too! He gave me such a warm, happy hug and we had a nice chat catching up.

Aiden had fun in the batting cages and doing go carts with his brothers, but his evening was topped off when we got to hole number 7 on the mini golf course and there was a little stream going through the green. There was no one behind us, so he did it over and over, trying different things, studying what the stream of water did to the motion of the ball. :)

July 22
Pop and Kiki took Aiden and three cousins on an adventure that included a train ride. My dad's dad worked for the railroad all his life so my dad traveled often by train. He even remembers their family number!

I completed the week-long project I'd been picking at while the girls were away at their room...under the beds, in the closet, it was bad. I took out four garbage bags! They were completely delighted and touched.

July 23
Day One of training. One mile...I felt awful and it was hard, but you've got to start somewhere. My hope is to be ready for a half marathon in October.

We acquired a couple cousins. These two made themselves fruit salads...not bad!

And these two dressed themselves for church from Aiden's closet...not bad!

July 24
The girls got invited to go to the beach with Tori and Aria. These girls are both in college but are always so great about loving on our kids. I'm grateful for their friendship and godly influence. (stolen from IG)

At home we had a mostly chill afternoon with just Aiden. Love me some summer!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Water Wars

One of my very favorite things is kids and summer fun. I like kids and winter fun, too but I'd rather watch in 90 degree versus 20 degrees. Someone recently commented on a post that its nice to see that my kids are outside. And they are...a ton!

Oh my word...someone came up with a new invention that makes filling balloons with water a breeze. They cost a little extra, but what is it worth to get hours of your life back? :)

There have been numerous fights with a various groups of kids and I've taken pictures a couple times. Oh, the pure joy of childhood!! We need it more than ever in the world we're living in.