Monday, August 29, 2016

Project 365, Week 35

This was our last full week without school. Good thing, because the kids had many late nights of rehearsals. I'm also grateful for the opportunity I had to travel across the country.

August 22
I was in Boston with the sun, flying out to see a friend in Oklahoma for a few days.

August 23
She lives in a very walkable neighborhood, which I did every morning while the family was getting off to work and school.

It was great except for the one time the german shepard hopped his yard fence and came to "greet" me. I tried not to panic while his very overweight owner tried to climb over the same fence (much less successfully) wearing only his shorts. Now that I know I didn't get bit or maimed, its actually comical.

Back at home the kids were doing dress rehearsals and then sleeping in late from those rehearsals.

August 24
We went to a friend's house to make some jewelry. I was wishing my girls were with me...they are much more creative and crafty!

August 25
I spent the day driving from Oklahoma down to Houston to see my sister and meet my newest niece. It was so great to see where they live and spend time with them and Miss Willow is all things sweet.

August 26
Opening night of Mystery! H enjoys his job as a greeter and the others have been gracious to embrace him.

August 27
My mom and Russ took the kids to the union picnic, where there was unlimited food and fun. Aiden was quoted as saying he was glad I wasn't there. When I was giving him a hard time about it later he said, "Yeah...if you were there you would have told me two cotton candies were enough." :)

During Saturday night church I was teaching in the toddler room (and by teaching I mean attempting to keep all the kids safe...some weeks every thing works well, other time...not so much). H thought I would appreciate it if he took notes for me. Yes, I did...this represents so much.

August 28
Aiden is a notice-er of beauty and is always excited to point things out to me. He spotted this hummingbird that was caught on our porch. What magnificent creatures!

Back to school much learning is going to happen in these pages.

Show #2...some of my favorite people, behind the scenes.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

Project 365, Week 34

After being sick for more than a week (many of those days spent in bed), it was nice for Shaun to slowly be feeling better and gaining his strength back. It was a reminder of just how fragile we are, that our bodies, no matter how well we take care of them, are decaying. We are here for an instant and then gone from the earth.  

Keeping that in mind helps determine how to use our time each day and it also begs the question of what to do with eternity. Reminds me of this....

Also this week we had a 17 year old foster respite. As usual, we were not at all what he's used to and he might have been a bit relieved to go back to his house today. :)

August 15
I had an appointment with my surgeon at Sloan so we made it a family event, walking to and around Times Square. Also, we got a good report!

Miss Amanda Hope. :)

August 16
Swim time with cousins at the river.

The kids were so sweet freshly showered in their flannel pjs, playing with legos.

August 17
We were puppy-sitting cousin Bauer and these two had a blast together all week.

Pop included the kids in reaching a milestone...he logged 1,000 miles on his bicycle for the year (so far)! So great that they stay active and have a shared hobby they enjoy so much.

August 18
When I stepped out to let the dogs out it was raining lightly so this view was a surprising treat when I rounded the corner.

Aiden and Jared have the same pediatrician and coincidentally had appointments on the same day. Aiden checked out healthy (thank you, Lord!). The doctor was asking him questions and he answered them all very honestly like: So Aiden, do you like to ride your bike! Yes! And when you ride your bike, do you always wear your helmet? Not usually. :|

While Jared was at his appointment, we got to play with AJ. It was so sweet to hear him laugh and laugh. Big cousins are right where its at!

Big day for Aiden...the stars were aligned and he tried swimming...again and again and made some really great progress. That kid!

August 19
Sweet boy, likes to sleep as close to his sisters as possible.

Another beautiful day!

Its a good sign when Shaun's taping tools come out.

August 20
We drove the two hours to pick up H from his two weeks at YMCA camp. It was an important time and I'm so proud of him for the ways that he grew during his time away. To celebrate, we stopped for greasy, fried food because that's one of his love languages. :)

August 21
Exciting work being done!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Project 365, Week 33

Ever since switching my posting day from Sunday to Monday, I've struggled to be on time. Its only been eight months...maybe I need just a little longer to get used to it. :) Albeit it "late", here's our lovely summer week.

August 8
Amanda's first visit to the orthodontist went well. I chose him because its an easy walk from our house or school, but I ended up being impressed with him and the facility. She's missing two teeth, plus her six-year molars. Eventually she'll need braces, etc but at least for another year we are in the monitor stage.

August 9
The Texas cousins were still in town so we had a pool party (just three missing).

August 10
I love the easy rhythm of summer...and this girl!

August 11
A good thunderstorm is free entertainment around here.

August 12
It was a really, really hot week of all day soccer camp and the girls did a great job toughing it out. Hard work and toughness are highly valued around here so I was so happy to see their red faces and sweat-drenched shirts at pick up.

My grilling buddy. :)

When there is a storm just off to the south that won't bring the rain fast enough.

August 13
This baby-toothed grin. :)

August 14
I heart quiet Sundays.

H's camp is good about posting pictures each day, so we've been able to peek in on his time there. So, so thankful for the lessons he's learning and the time he's getting to just be a kid. (Also, can't wait to get some details on that cute girl and her (twin??) brother. :) Inquiring moms want to know! :)