Sunday, April 30, 2017

Celebrating Grampy

At 98 years old, Shaun's grandfather passed away at home. We took time to honor and celebrate his life. He was well respected, a friend to all, a hard worker. He was a giver and it was neat to hear the ways Grampy had touched peoples lives.

If "being a good person" got us into heaven, certainly Grampy would have made it there. But the Bible is clear that none of us are good and we cannot "do good" our way into heaven. So it was with great joy to hear the minister share that Grampy, in one of their times together, had confessed his need for a Savior and had asked Jesus to the be the Lord of his life. We are comforted in knowing we will see him again in heaven.

Shaun's mom did a good job gathering photos. It was fun to go through the old ones, to a different time.

This was my favorite among the old photos...I think its so sweet.

 All of Shaun's grandparents (and one great) on our wedding day.

 Grampy took such delight in the kids and especially enjoyed their "secret" sugar conspiracy. :) Every time we went to visit, the kids would ask if they could share in his cookie stash.

Shaun and the kids all participated in the funeral service, which was a beautiful tribute. Aiden led the congregation in The Lord's Prayer. It was a little confusing for him, because he is familiar with several different denominations, who have different twists on the prayer. In the end, under the pressure, he said it the way he has said it at his Catholic school everyday for the last two years.

As a male and the oldest grandchild, Shaun had a very special relationship with Grampy that spanned many years. He wrote a moving piece and delivered it with heart. Not too many dry eyes by the time he was done. (Below).

Amanda and Uncle Nathan sang Heaven Song by Phil Wickham. 

You wrote a letter and You signed Your name
I read ever word Read it page by page
You said that You’d be coming Coming for me soon
Oh my God I’ll be ready for You
I want to run on greener pastures
I want to dance on higher hills
I want to drink from sweeter waters
In the misty morning chill
And my soul is getting restless
For the place where I belong
I can’t wait to join the angels and sing my heaven song
I hear Your voice and I catch my breath
Well done my child enter in, in rest
As tears of joy roll down my cheek
It’s beautiful beyond my wildest dreams

Avery explained that when she was three years old, she memorized Psalm 23 so she could recite it at Grammy's funeral. At the last minute, she chickened out, so she wanted to give it another shot these years later. And after showing this video, she recited it with poise and confidence.

Shaun's tribute:
"98 years, where do you begin remembering. This morning I got my cup of coffee, regular, my son and I took it outdoors to the woodpile and split a little wood. We took that old axe, the one with the head you found in the woods of Maine and the handle you made yourself off that limb of the old hickory out behind the house. It hadn’t been used in a while.  That handle was awful dried and weathered, we had to cinch up the head with a shim to keep it from being awful shakey. I had gotten dressed for the day before we went out.

I put on my boots because our travels may take us far, but they always bring us back home safely to the ones we love, and when problems come, these boots will help anchor us to the ground so we don’t slip and maybe we can even help hold up someone else.

My work jeans with hooks and pockets, because we always want to have a places to keep that which helps us get through the day.

The hook on these jeans is awful handy to hold a hammer or gun or fish stringer, because we’re always either working hard or playing hard.

My LL Bean flannel because here up north in the winter when we get started at 5 am, it tends to get a little chilly.

My jackknife, because on our journey we’ll get into all kinds of fixes, sometimes when the rods gonna break or the boat capsize, you gotta let it go and just cut the line and move on.

I brought my gloves, because there are few better ways to build a relationship with someone than to take one off look that person in the eye and give a firm sincere handshake to let them know you understand them.

I brought my billfold, because you never know when someone might need a little help to get by. There is no greater call than charity towards your neighbor.

I brought your handkerchief, because while we men don’t cry, sometimes our women and children we’ve been entrusted with need a little comfort.

Ball cap so I can tip it to you and thank you for being one of the greatest men of the greatest generation. I will not forget your lessons and I will pass them on. Here is your legacy."

"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12

He Lives

As a family, we attended church on Easter Saturday evening. The kids cooperated for some pictures.

The next day the sun was shining and the temperature topped out in the was divine. We are and talked and played and hunted for eggs and scavenger was slow and easy. So grateful to serve a RISEN Savior!

You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart!

Passion of the King, Season 10

The first half of April was all about Passion of the King for our family, two weeks of dress rehearsals and performances. Its something we're honored to do as a family, all of us finding a place where we use our gifts and contribute. 

I've just included a couple favorites from this year of my favorite people. Shaun on the sound/tech crew, Avery, Amanda and Aiden in the cast, H a greeter, K and J working in the kids room. My sister Amy is Assistant Director, my BIL working the scrims backstage, Nathanael on lights, Maddy, Trevor, Rocco and Renna in the cast and C4 working in the kids room. Its a blessing and an honor to be serving together, sharing the message of God's great love story.