Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Avery Turns Five

It is the strangest thing to Shaun and I that already five years has past since we became parents.  Avery's been a blessing to us since she was just seconds old.  She's done a lot of growing and maturing this year and is becoming a very special young lady.

She is happy...always quick with a big, huge smile and a giggle.  She carefully plans, as well as she can with the information a four year-old is given.  She helps her sister chose outfits and she has quite a bit of style.  In the very near future I will be taking fashion advise from her.

Shaun taught her how to read last summer and it has been so incredible to watch a whole new world open up to her. What was once just another building that we often drive by is now a restaurant that has p-i-z-z-a.  She enjoys reading and being read to.

She's very observant and quick with questions.  When we explain something to her she repeats it back, as if literally filing it away somewhere.  This is how many, many of our conversations go: When is it my birthday?  It will be your birthday in four days.  Oh, it will be my birthday in four days?  Yes, in four days it will be your birthday.  Oh.

She loves adventures...she is always asking, what are we going to do today?? And would be happy being out and about from morning until night...and then back out again.  She especially likes the city...any big city or highway system.  So, when we gave her a couple choices for her birthday, we kinda already knew we'd end up in...well, a city.

After a hearty breakfast, we were on our way to Boston!

Love this.

For the first time, we went to Boston Children's Museum...what a place!  Almost like it was made for children! :)

They had an incredible room only for ages 0-3.  Wow...they clearly did some research on those ages and the room was perfect.  I spent the bulk of our time there in that section with the two little ones.  Fun!

I saw this mirror and thought I'd take a picture to prove I was there...clearly that skill needs a little work...or maybe a free arm.

We walked several blocks to dinner, just beating the rain that lasted until we were done with dinner.  It was a treat to have Auntie Laryssa, Uncle Nathan, Jared, Grandpa John and Nana join us for the day.

It was so fun to see this smile plastered on her face the entire day.

We love you precious Avery.  Have fun being five!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365, Week 26

Wow...what a full week!  As I was looking through my folders to choose which pictures to post, I couldn't believe that all of this was from this one week.  Seems like much longer ago, at least the first part of the week.  I have so much to post about, but for now I'm going to take the Project 365 "shortcut" and just give you the highlights. 

June 20
Father's Day.  So thankful it is something to celebrate.  My kids are so blessed to have Shaun for a father.  We had a quiet day at home...Shaun worked on his car, with a little help.

And later a cooling shower came by and he danced in the rain with his princess.  Some serious heart-meltage going on!  We are so crazy-blessed to have him in our lives.
June 21
Our first-of-the-season trip to the splash park, which is 2 minutes from our house.  Aiden was not too sure, though I suspect by the end of the summer he'll be unstoppable.
We had an impromptu DQ date with some cousins who were unexpectedly in town and then we met Grandma down at the field to watch Sienna's (left) softball game.
Oh, and we snuck some pool time in, too.  We couldn't be happier with our $4 pool that is in its 5th year.
June 22
Eleven ladies came to my house for a summer bible study we are doing.  We had a great time talking over enchiladas and getting to know each other.  Can't wait to learn from the book of Ruth!
June 23
Nana and Grandpa John arrived from Florida and were immediately "on duty".  Nana plays and reads and laughs and pretends tirelessly with the girls and they love their time with her.
They are also excited to have their brother rooming with them while his room serves as the guest room. 
June 24
Happy 5th birthday, Avery.  We celebrated the day at Boston Children's Museum and then out to dinner.  Shaun and I are in disbelief that we have a five year-old.
June 25
On your mark, get set...GO!  Shaun and the girls and his grandparents headed off for golfing and a family picnic.
I stayed home and did preparations for Avery's birthday party and then Aiden and I went to visit a dear friend who was visiting from out-of-state for a few days with her two children.  It was an amazingly beautiful day and we enjoyed being outside in her parents' yard.
June 26
We had a combined birthday party for Avery (24th) and Trevor (29th) at my sister's house.  Everyone got to go in the pool and play in the times and good eats!  I think its so cool that our family, her in-laws and my in-laws can get together and enjoy each other.
Those are the highlights.  Going over to Sara's blog to (finally) link up.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Manda's Monthly Musings

So, I have no business blogging with my to-do list being what it is, but when Amanda came in from playing yesterday and declared with a big sigh, I'm all tuckered out!  I thought, ok time for another installment.  So, to all the loyal Amanda fans out there, here is a sampling of random quotes throughout the last couple weeks, along with unrelated pictures.

Avery forgot her life jacket, so I held her hand because she was quite scared.

We are not allowed to catch her when she jumps in the water.  We can only be standing in the vicinity to retrieve her as she flails and kicks her way back to the top.  She's very specific on how it should be done.
She uses big words, completely out of context to try to get her point across when she's particularly upset or happy....words such as discouraged, nervous, disgusting, delicate.  It's quite hilarious, albeit sometimes disrespectful.
When Daddy gets home, I'm going to tell on you. (usually when I am disciplining her)
I was sitting outside with Aiden and she came running over to me crying...I was trying to get my bathing soup (sob) 'cause its a beautiful sunny day (sob) and the door hit my head.
Emerges from bathroom, holding her cereal bowl which is dripping with water...
Here you go Mom...I washed it for ya, so you don't have ta.
Here she is proudly showing me her new accomplishment...tightening her ponytail by herself.

She continues to be completely confused with how old she is.  She's been telling people she's four since the day Avery turned four.  I think she is genuinely confused, although we've made many attempts to explain it.  Not sure what Avery turning five in a couple days will do to her in that regard.
She was doing "the dance", so I said Amanda, go potty.  I don't need to (ALWAYS the response).  Yes, go.  You are doing "the dance".  I'm not doing the potty dance, Mom, I'm doing the birfday dance.  Then she proceeds to throw her hands in the air and do an elaborate "birfday dance".

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.
Proverbs 3:3-5

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Project 365, Week 25

Another full week, AND with beautiful weather!  As I was putting all the pictures together, I noticed that our week started and ended with great-grandparents and I'm so thankful that my kids have that in their lives!  You think grandparents spoil (yes, they do), with great-grandparents there is zilch, zippo, nada that the kids can do wrong....everything they do is just spectacular and cute.  What a blessing to get to watch their relationship in action!

June 13
We took lunch over to Shaun's grandfather.
June 14
Bathing beauties.
June 15
Daddy, will you please put this dress on my (headless) princess?
June 16
I had a work meeting and a hospital visit...when I went to pick the kids up from my mom's, this is what I found....rough life.
June 17
Third Thursday is a street fest in our town during the summer.  Once a month, on the third Thursday, they close down part of Main Street and vendors set up on either side.  Thousands of people turn out to listen to live music and eat local fare.  We started the evening with free popcorn.
June 18
Cousins digging in the sand.  Aiden wasn't much of a help though...he was too busy eating it. 
June 19
We spent the afternoon with Shaun's other grandfather and his wife and also Shaun's sister Sarah while  Shaun, Tony and Jared golfed nine holes.
Later, we had a jam session.  We cleared the living room floor and the kids danced and screamed and requested Pop's songs.  I'd post a video, but I'm not sure you could handle it. :)  Intense screaming, laughing, dancing.  Aiden was completely taken with the guitar. 

Cousins!  They just never have any fun when they are together. :)
Thanks for hosting, Sara.  How was everyone's week?