Thursday, March 22, 2018

Project 365, Week 11

We did rehearsals and snow and life.

March 11
Hanging out between last service and rehearsal fun with cousins!

March 12
So sweet when the girls take out their crochet/knitting projects.

March 13
On this snow day, we all got to be home together. I loved it! Here's a peek....

Games! This day, it was Catan, Rummikub, Yahtzee, Life, Axis & Allies.

The first one turned into a teachable moment, which Shaun is so good about seizing.

And Amanda needed to bake. Ahem. She made a coffee cake that we devoured the same day.

Family movie! We watched the Winston Churchill movie so beforehand, Aiden got up and gave us the background story and set the stage.

K and Amanda worked together to make a fortress-type structure.

In a month we'll take this same photo, except with sand. :)

Comfort is key. :)

Many of us worked out in the basement.

Then we went out to shovel before dark.

Amanda asked the neighbor lady if she needed help and ended up earning $30. She really wanted to do it on her own, and do it well. I was proud of her for being brave and working hard.

Gavin and his parents came over and we talked about warm, sunny, post-tax- season Florida. :)

March 14
The next morning there was a miscommunication with the towns/schools/buses, so I ended up having to drive Kim the 40 minutes to school. It was incredibly beautiful though!

March 15
Lots of rehearsals.

March 16
My only photo...just shenanigans.

March 17
Coach Shaun, doing what he does.

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Melody said...

I'm with Amanda in the need to bake sometimes ;)