Thursday, August 9, 2018

Project 365, Week 31

Shaun and I have gone through many tough life circumstances...we've weathered a lot and this week was right up there. Its too long of a story for here but nothing went smoothly with pulling the house closing together, so we were faced with having to be out of our house but not having a place to go. Mixed in with all of that we had a fairly major crisis with one of the kids that has been quite painful. 

We are continually learning how to navigate the tension of hard and good simultaneously...both equally true and real at all times. That place where they meet is where hope can best be found, I think. Hope is an anchor.

July 30
Lots of packing and waiting to hear about closing info.

Avery, Aiden and Shaun worked together to install a tub/shower at the renters request.

July 31
The night before we'd called off the movers and decided we'd spend the day loading up the three-car garage with our stuff, clearing out the house enough so that our tenants would be able to move in on August 1st as promised. We didn't know where we'd sleep the night of the 1st, but we had several generous offers. The movers called the morning of the 31st, making sure nothing had changed overnight but also letting us know we could keep our stuff in the truck for a couple days. Relief!

Thirty minutes later, the sellers realtor called to let us know the sellers had agreed to sign a Use and Occupancy document so that we could move in prior to the official closing. Sweet relief! Shaun and I literally held each other and cried, it was that intense. Then quickly, we set everything into high gear.

We didn't send out any requests, but still much of our family came. They brought fresh legs and arms for carrying boxes, they brought kids to fill up the back yard with screaming and laughter, Pop and Kiki brought a "picnic" spread, enough to feed the entire work crew. A couple brothers also took the time to set up our beds, which I didn't think was a big deal because I can sleep anywhere, under any circumstances, but when we finally crawled into bed that night it was a morale booster to have an actual bed.

Once the movers had gone, no doubt relieved to be done with us, Nathan gathered everyone into the kitchen and made a generous toast over sparkling cider and said a beautiful blessing over our new home. Even in our exhaustion and uncertainty, it was so humbling to hear his words, to look around the room and see the faces of our tribe. The same faces we were thinking of when we discounted homes thinking, nope...that dining room can't possibly hold everyone.

Lots of life happens within our walls and many people come through. We always pray that its a place of safety, acceptance and blessing. We pray that people are better for having spent time in our home.

August 1
We had the honor of attending a ceremony to recognize my brother's hard-earned, well-deserved promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. He's had an impressive career but even more importantly he's a strong and loving father, husband, son, brother. Truly, he's one in a million and I'm so thankful for his service to our country and his presence in my life.

August 2
Dump loads and loads from the old garage to the new.

The kids took their bikes for a spin around the 1-mile loop of our new neighborhood.

August 3
This former dining room will now be a family game room. We've had to work around boxes, but its already gotten lots of use. In exchange for usually saying "no" to screens, we say lots of "yes!" to "want to play a game?". :)

Sweet, sweet E, almost a week old.

August 4
Working her way around the new kitchen. Since we no longer live 3 minutes from Dominos, we'll have to find a Plan B for after church on Saturday nights.


Quinn McAdam said...

I know I am certainly better for having spent time in your home! So excited for you all in this new beginning :) And so grateful for all of the lovely memories in the old house and those to come in the new! 💛

Amy Joy said...

I'm grateful you guys are through that stress! Your new home looks beautiful, Lisa! And the 1-mile bike loop? It sounds just perfect. We are so thrilled for you guys! xo

Amy said...

What a week!!! I'm sorry I wasn't there to do it with you. So glad your settled in your new home.