Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Shaun

Well, Shaun had his birthday on the 15th. We weren't sure how celebrating would go as this was his first year working at H & R Block. When he told me he was scheduled to work both the 14th and the 15th from 12-8, I thought that would be perfect! I arranged for my sister to take the girls overnight and when Shaun went to work on at noon, I went to work on our bedroom. I'd gotten a new comforter set and new curtains, which I put on and then I decluttered and cleaned. The girls were dropped off and I was home with enough time to light all the candles in our room, put out the tray of cheese and chocolate-covered strawberries (just a snack to hold us until we could get to the restaurant for a late dinner), turn the music on, etc...

Well, TWO hours after I was expecting him to come home, he finally did...wired from the day, anxious to see the girls and eat. He felt awful that he was so late but it couldn't have been helped, even if he'd known about the plans. And the changes in the bedroom barely fazed him. As I worked on swallowing the lump of disappointment in my throat, we headed out to get take-out grinders. It ended ok because we were able to have a quiet, uninterrupted conversation and get some much needed time together.

Also, every time Avery walks into our room she says, "Mom, I like your new woom!" and shares my pleasure in how nice it is in there. Ah...thank you God for giving me daughters who notice and care what color the comforter is. :)

The next night on his actual birthday, he got out a little early and the four of us were able to go to "Baby Tuesday". When we got home, my two chocolate lovers opened up a special delivery from Shaun's grandmother, a fellow chocoholic. A happy ending! Oh, and the chocolates are long gone.

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