Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Weekend in Boston

I just got in very late last night from an all-expense paid work trip to Boston (thanks, Boss!). Shaun and I went up Sunday morning and made it to the tailgating party hosted by one of the vendors we use for work. After eating great food, we walked the short block to Fenway park and watched the Red Sox get humiliated 15-4.

It was a gorgeous day, just a tad sunny out in centerfield. (Can I just say I am getting old?! Ten years ago I would have relished the opportunity to sit out in the sun for hours. Now I try to hit the shade more because I've come to realize this is the only skin I'm getting. Yes...old.) After, we met up with Amy and Colombo at our very nice hotel and had dinner.

And isn't this cool?? During the game, five barely visible jets were spelling out an advertisement in the sky.

The next morning Colombo (my boss) and I went to the Conference and Expo. Over the two days, we sat through training on new and existing products and strategies for building and running the business. We also had the opportunity to sit in on meetings with vendor executives and give feedback for what's working and what can be improved.

We talked with other agents and learned how they are doing business and answered questions about what we are doing. I connected with people who I speak and email with throughout the year and its always nice to put a face to a name. I have found the practice of shaking hands does wonders for dealing effectively with each other during the rest of the year.

These events make me wish I was back to my childless days when it was perfectly acceptable for me to pour all my efforts and time into excelling at my job and being better than the next guy. I did my work with excellence and pride and enjoyed the respect I had from my peers and co-workers.

But then I call home Tuesday evening after not having spoken to my girls since Saturday night when we dropped them off and I am nearly in tears just hearing their little voices excitedly saying "Hi Momma!" Then I wish I was "just a mommy" and didn't have to work at all.

Somewhere there is balance and I try everyday to find it. I ask God to form me into the Proverbs 31 woman I long to who is glorifying God in everything I do.

Anyway...back to the conference...

On Monday evening, after Shaun and Amy had spent the day golfing and sitting by the pool respectively, they joined us for a vendor-sponsored cruise with dinner on the harbour. The weather and view was magnificent, complete with a nearly full, orange moon. I would have spent the time taken pictures, but...well, Shaun forgot to bring my camera. We had some group time but Shaun and I also were able to get in some time together. Very romantic on the water, under the Boston city lights with a light breeze blowing...

Tuesday evening we were treated to a Duck Boat tour around the city. Have you seen these before? They travel by land and sea and are used when (not if) the Boston teams do their victory parades. Well, ours was purple and our driver was very colorful and fun. Undoubtedly, we had the most spirited bus. We toured Boston drawing smiles from unsuspecting onlookers as we went and when we were dropped off at our restaurant destination the entire bus was hurting from laughing. Or were we hurting from being flown through the air when going over bumps?

See THE Citgo sign?

It was a busy, fun couple days. Glad to have gone, glad to be back with my babies.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Fun! My sis used to live in Boston, and we visited once and did the duck tour. We had a blast! Sounds like you all had a great time, and I know what you mean about calling home and hearing, "Hi, momma!" Makes everything else pale in comparison.

THE ROOST said...

Sounds like a wonderful few days! I know what you mean about protecting your skin now. I use to be a sun worshipper too.....There is NOTHING that is a wonderful as being a mom, you are right about that!:0)