Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wedding Bells!

(Just a warning, this post contains lots of pictures!) Shaun's sister Sarah got married this past weekend, 08-08-08. We had a fantabulous, full day! All the girls left my house at 7:00am and were done decorating the church by 9:00. From there we went to the salon for manicures/pedicures and then we went to the Inn where the reception was to be held.

Lunch was brought to our suite and the hair stylist and make-up person came to the room. We hung out in our robes for a good part of the day being girly. Sarah was relaxed and seemed to enjoy every moment.
My sister Bethany was the hair magician...everyone was incredibly impressed. She even unexpectedly "whipped up" Avery's hair at the last minute.
Avery really likes the Shirley Temple movies, so she was quite pleased with her head of curls.

And this was the back of my hair, pre diamond hair clips.
Our ride over to the church in the limo, this picture was taken just before the hail started. Yes...hail. And lots of water!I think this picture captures the essence of the evening. Sarah was so relaxed and happy. I've never seen her happier and it was such joy to my heart to sit back and watch her in the moment. I breathed a prayer that these memories would be burned into her mind to carry her through the inevitable times to come when things are not so happy.
An attempt at our family portrait. Amanda was not interested in what we were trying to do.

This picture made me tear up the first time I saw it. The sweet innocence of a little three-year old who adores her daddy and this man who carries her in his strong arms, eyes full of love for his precious daughter. Sweetness. And SO handsome!

My man. Even did the goatee especially for me.

Amanda really struggles when Avery is participating in something that she is too little for. You see, Amanda doesn't think she's too little for anything. She doesn't do sitting-on-the-sidelines too well so she grabbed her opportunity when she saw Auntie's train unattended.

Jared got a family this day, something he's been wanting for a long time. They carved out a portion of the actual ceremony for him with Tony repeating vows to Jared...very touching.

Tony and Sarah out for the first dance...everything is right with their world.

We had such a fun day. Avery did a fantastic job being flower girl...Shaun's coaching and coaxing paid off. All the family was together and that's always a good thing, plus we gained a new member who we love and who has fit in from the start. Tony's a great guy and treats Sarah well.
I was honored to stand with Sarah and witness their union. I pray blessings on their new life together.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

What a perfect day! You all looked spectacular. Avery looks like she enjoyed her role as flower girl...what a little princess!

Shottsie said...

Congrats Sarah!!!!!!!! Many blessings and happy years of marriage to them both!

Bev said...

What an unforgettable, perfect day it was! Thank you so much, Lisa, for saving it for posterity in such a special way!