Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Excellent Wife, Chapter 20

The Wife's Loneliness...Overcoming a Lack of Oneness

The first thing I thought of when reading this chapter was one of the 'likes and dislikes' I listed in my high school yearbook. Likes: being alone, Dislikes: being lonely. Still rings true to me today, many years later. I cherish and crave alone time. In fact, to a fault, I think, I seek it out.

But being lonely? Oh, what an awful feeling, especially when I am with another person or a crowd. If I am with another, especially my husband, I expect to talk and connect and relate. When this doesn't happen, for whatever reason, feelings of loneliness can creep in.

That is when it is good for me to keep in perspective my place in this world and in God's kingdom. What am I ultimately looking for when I feel lonely?

"Nothing that you could possibly desire would be better than a closeness to God...Not even a husband who openly and freely shares himself with you. When you experience loneliness, let your emotions be a signal that you need God. Draw close to God in grateful submission to Him."

When I can turn my thoughts towards God and what He would desire instead of worrying about me and my needs, then the self-pity that often accompanies loneliness does not have a place. My selfish heart always wants to ensure my own comfort, but I am here to serve God, not God serving me.

"Work hard at knowing Christ in a more intimate way and at putting on gratitude and contentment. Thank God often for your circumstances and what God wants to teach you and how God wants to use you for His glory."

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