Friday, October 15, 2010

Aiden is Fifteen Months

The months are clicking along at a rapid rate and right before our eyes we have a little boy emerging where a baby once was.  Such a privilege to watch and be a small part of!  This age is just so much fun, I think because they are learning and changing daily.

He loves to sing and clap.  I love, love seeing little baby hands clapping and he sings with the sweetest, softest voice.  He's even got a few favorites that he gets visibly excited for.  I think he's partial to Mercy Me...maybe because that is what is most often going in the car??

He likes being right in the action with his sisters and they like having him too.  He's learning to hold his own though.  I hear DOP! (stop) often. :)  Other new words are banana, down.  He continues to communicate pretty well by nodding his head yes in response to our questions.  

Speaking of his sisters, somehow they have figured out how to get him out of his crib.  Its scary to think about, but there is never any crying involved, so it must be ok, right?  One time I went in there to see how they did it and halfway through I halted it cause I just couldn't watch.

The boy is pick-y!  Its a marvel really.  And also quite annoying.  He's down to fruit (some), cottage cheese, yogurt, crackers, chips, cookies and ice cream.  Did I leave anything out?  Nope, that's pretty much it.  Oh milk.  Lots of milk.  His weight is fine so I'm not worried about it but it is a pain.

He quit crying during every change which was a welcome switch after months upon months.  He's learning how to make us laugh and he's always got a very attentive, accepting audience to try out his tricks on.

Sleeping is something he does well and lots of.  His norm is about 14 hours at night and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  He always up happy even if he's woken up.

As you'll see in some of the pictures he has become all about Daddy!  If Shaun's got a tool out, Aiden wants to be right there helping.  Sometimes he jumps out of my arms to be held by him.  Its very sweet to watch and I tell Aiden all the time how blessed he is to have a daddy like Shaun.

Here's some of the last month....

Don't take the ice-cream away!

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Darla said...

great post. my son always wanted to do what his daddy was doing too. it's such a neat thing to see... the 'male' side of them emerge so naturally. it truly is an awesome thing to have a strong daddy around to learn from too, our boys are blessed! then again, so are WE! :)