Sunday, October 10, 2010

Project 365, Week 41

This week was like few others I have had in my life.  Completely insane and stretched me nearly to my limit.  I'll try to tell the story in as few details as possible...the very shortened version.

Because of a new feature I wanted to provide for my clients I finally decided to begin the process of getting a new website for Dayspring Photography, something I'd really been wanting to do for several months now.  So on Sunday I began the process and spent the entire day on the computer working on it.

First thing Monday I sent an inquiry email about timing the switch-over of my domain name.  I went to do a newborn shoot and by the time I got back several hours later, the switch had been made!  That was not my intention so I wasn't prepared.  So, I scrambled and spent the next two days working madly to get a website, anything, back up and running.  In between that I was doing work for my other job.

Shaun stepped in and did the single-parent thing for two + days, in addition to helping me on the computer when he could.  It was intense for me, mostly because I don't speak computer language fluently.  I saw 1:00 most night and as late as 2:30.  

But...I'm happy with my website so far and am happy for the ways my business is growing.  God is so good.  And, so thankful for a supportive husband who never hesitates to jump in when he sees a need.

October 3
Picture me sitting in an office chair all day.

October 4
One of my favorites from the photo shoot.  Be still my heart!

Aiden usually takes his bottle right in his crib, but Amanda wanted to feed him.

October 5
Picture me sitting in an office chair all day.

October 6
Shaun has a picture of the POD that he helped my brother unload.  They are here and getting moved into their rental house, only about an hour from us now!

October 7
Shaun was at Lost Son practice so I got a babysitter and went to the wedding rehearsal for the wedding I was shooting Saturday.  This church recently underwent major renovations so its looking bright and shiny. (pews are coming)

October 8
Patiently waiting for Pop and Kiki to come.  They took the kids to a nursing home and spread the love then had them overnight because Shaun and I were both booked for the entire day on Saturday.  We worked for the afternoon and then took the opportunity to go out on a date.  When I stepped outside to get in the car I felt like I was breathing fresh air for the first time in a very long time.  We had a really, really, really great night.  So good to get a little down time together!

October 9 
It was a beautiful day for a wedding and I had so much fun capturing it.

My new website, though very much a work in process is here and my blog, with more photos from both the newborn shoot and the wedding is here.


The Bug said...

What a crazy week! Anything involving a computer is crazy.

LOVE the newborn photo - too precious! And I really like the color of the bridesmaid's dresses in the wedding photo.

Hmm - looks to me like Aiden is almost as big as Amanda now!

sara said...

wow, that was a crazy week.

I'm excited for you as you grow your business. You are a wonderful photographer!!!

Linda said...

You have been a busy gal!

Loved the pictures...especially the black and white on of your hubby and kids.

The color was beautiful on the bridesmaid dress and flowers.

Blessings in your business!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

LuAnn said...

And I thought I had a busy week !!!
I looked at your website with the wedding pictures - very nice - the couple will be so pleased.
I have my first phot shoot this Sunday - family potrait on the family farm - I can hardly wait !!