Monday, March 14, 2016

Project 365, Week 11

So much beauty and pain in this week. I'm so very grateful to be home with my family and have surgery behind me, but I grow weary in the healing process as I try to claw my way back up to a standing position after being knocked down flat for yet another round. Some days the temptation is great to just stay down and be declared the loser....feels like it would be so much easier. 

But we persevere and get up and do another day. We will get through this. We are getting through this.

March 7
Lots of board games and homework couch side.

March 8
Amanda and Aiden are so sweet when they play nice together.

March 9
Morning rush hour in the kitchen...unloading the dishwasher, making lunches...

Amy and I went for a post-op with the plastic surgeon, conveniently located just outside of the city, much closer and with easy and free parking. It can be emotional sometimes to be in these cancer buildings because I look around and see a bunch of really sick people. And then I realize I'm one of them! This particular day I was in a lot of pain and it took me forever to walk down this long stretch.

The doctor was pleased with how things look and Amy and I had some good kidless talking time.

March 10
I ventured outside at Avery's prompting...she really wanted me to see the crocuses in the neighbor's yard.  (Not to worry...I did not let Aiden machete them).

Reminds me of when he was really little. He say, Mom, want me to sword you up? I didn't know exactly what that meant but I always felt it was safe to say "no". :)

In our yard, too!

March 11
Wisdom shared and learned over breakfast.

Timed sprints, and bike riding and baseball and hide-n-seek. We're all so happy to be out!

March 12
A worthy opponent.

It was a big day for tryouts! Thankfully Shaun got home in time to take him. We think he made the team. ;)

While the boys were doing that, the girls went on a hike with their grandma, grandpa and cousin.

March 13
Who paints the skies into glorious day, only the splendour of Jesus.

Sunday mornings is usually chore time around here for the kids...they do their laundry, clean their bathrooms and select from an a la carte list that changes weekly.

They had the music going and were having way too much fun! :)


The Bug said...

I need to start having that much fun when I clean. I treat it as so much drudgery. Sigh.

LOVE your flowers! We have one lonely crocus right now - but since we thought the squirrels had dug them all up last summer we're pretty happy with it :)

I'm glad things are looking good after your surgery. Maybe this nice weather will speed the healing process!

Melody said...

We got this!
Yay for signs of spring - hope for a new season.

Kalie said...

Beautiful pictures! We are excited for spring here, too. Glad to hear you are recovering, even if slowly.