Monday, March 28, 2016

Project 365, Week 13

This week was all about Passion of the King, with performances Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Good Friday. We're also closing in on the last couple weeks of tax season!

March 21
We had just enough snow to cause a school delay, which allowed the kids to sleep in after the previous day's performance. By mid-afternoon it had disappeared. Perfect timing!

Just in the last couple weeks Aiden has been doing his homework independently and of his own initiative. Much preferable to the daily whining!

March 22
Amanda loves to create in the kitchen.

March 23
Beautiful day to play outside and do homework!

March 24
Doing the "whipping scene" on his sister with his school tie.

March 25

March 27
Getting-ready-for-Easter work day.

March 28
Easter! Celebrating a risen King and the gift of family.

1 comment:

The Bug said...

I love that photobomb in the last picture - so funny! I wish I was more like Amanda - the kitchen is NOT my favorite place to be.

Your tax season comment reminded me that it's time for us to file our amended return (we got a late 1099).