Thursday, March 31, 2016

State of the House ~ March

First, while its still March (colon cancer awareness month) I wanted to bug you to take action. If you are due for a check-up or screenings, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Get the appointments booked and just get it done. If you have suspicious symptoms, ask your doctor. You think you are too busy now, but a serious illness would stop you in your tracks...catch it early!

So the state of things around here? If I had written before yesterday, I would have talked about how March was such a hard month while I recovered from surgery and Shaun worked his way through tax season and dealt with a $7,000 apartment sewer issue. Or how when I (separately) told the girls I was going to Sloan for the day, neither could hold back their tears because they didn't want me to go, afraid I wouldn't be able to return the same day.

Instead, I purposely waited to post until after yesterday so I could give a report from New York City, where we spent the day. We saw three plastic surgeon (most recent surgery), oncologist and surgeon. They are all pleased and had GOOD REPORTS!! The March 1 surgery is nearly healed and did its job of healing the surgery from last July. The scans are clear and show no signs of cancer. Wonderful, truly miraculous news!!

We've walked out of the building on 53rd Street dozens of times but never with good news. But yesterday was different and there was great excitement, relief and yes, disbelief.

I don't know what life will look like now. Our family has been irreversibly touched and changed from the last 18 months. I feel like Jacob in the Bible. Morning has just dawned after wrestling with an angel all night. My hip is permanently dislocated, but I know my very strength is going to be in that limp. It will be a constant reminder that God is in control, a testimony of His faithfulness and trust-worthiness.

Once again, thank you for joining us in our mess. We are grateful for the love and encouragement you've shown every step of the way.


Amy said...


Meg A. said...

To God be the glory, GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!!!!

sara said...

oh my word I am crying as I read this! Praising the Lord and rejoicing with you!!!

Melody said...

Pretty much been crying tears of joy off and on (more on than off) ever since hearing the news. SO very grateful.
Also, that last picture of Amanda melts my heart.

The Bug said...

Hallelujah! So very glad for you!

I badgered Mike into getting his first colonoscopy last week (only 6 years late). They found one polyp, which is more than likely benign. I had mine last year. So we're good for a while.

That picture of Amanda made me laugh out loud. Love her sassy self :)

Michele said...

Praise God. Good to see you yesterday.

LuAnn said...

Oh Lisa this is wonderful. God is good !

Ashley Beth said...

Praising God over this news that I'm just now catching up on! He is so faithful and it makes my heart swell with praise to Him for all that He's carried you through. I'm so, so relieved and grateful for this good news for you and your family, friend!