Monday, November 7, 2016

Project 365, Week 45

Happy November! One of my favorite months because it has Thanksgiving in it and people stop to consider all they have to be thankful for. The world is a better place when our hearts are in a grateful place.

October 31
I had promised the kids we could do trunk or treat at our church since H was serving with the youth. When the day came I really, really didn't want to brave the crowds and the cold so Shaun offered to take them if I closed up the office. Deal!! 

We had wonder woman, Michael Jordan, a soccer player, a lumber jack and a teen. :)

November 1
Sweet boy.

November 2
Still getting used to seeing my niece on her feet. So cute, but also a prime target for the dog if they are left unattended.

We hosted an end-of-year party for the soccer team and their families. It was a nice group of girls and Shaun did an fantastic job coaching them. The girls had good skill development over the season and so many parents mentioned that their girls really had fun and enjoyed it. As icing on the cake, Shaun lead them to another undefeated season. He does not run out of amazingness. :)

November 3
Our family got together to celebrate my SIL's 30th birthday. The boys had a blast playing outside while we put the party in place that Sarah brought.


Rend Collective dance party with cousins!

Blessed with babies!

November 4
I enjoy the time I get with this girl and we got to have a nice quiet walk to school because...

...Amanda was home sick. :(

November 5
I had the privilege of visiting someone who just got diagnosed with colon cancer. In some ways it was hard to be there, in the hospital, remembering all the hard we did for many, many days...emotional. But mostly it was such a blessing to be there, talking with them, listening, being a friend who gets it like no one else can. God is using my experience and I couldn't be more grateful.

While I was in Boston, Shaun was watching Avery's soccer team win the Connecticut Cup. They are state champs!!

November 6
One last soccer game for the fall. Proud of the kids and their efforts this season.

From there we picked up "Baby Jesus" for his photo shoot. He did great!


Amy said...

Wow, wow! That was a FULL week. The dining room got some good use! Sienna's party looked lovely! And Go Avery!!!! State Champs. Of course I'm super proud of you for your Boston from ashes.

The Bug said...

Way to go Avery! And that second picture of Aiden dancing slays me - just love it :)