Monday, November 14, 2016

Project 365, Week 46

We're still enjoying fall beauty and fall weather here in New England. It will change without warning, so we take what we can get now.

November 7
The abandoned baseball field down the road from H's therapy works great for running kids and dogs.

November 8
Fall beauty next to the school.

Amanda had her friend over and the kids got a little wild playing P.I.T.

November 9
H&R Block and Sterling Principle Financial Services hosted a Chamber of Commerce event and I was the caterer. So much work before and after, but the evening went smoothly and hopefully someday the networking will pay off.

November 10
The ever popular Doggie in the Middle with a soccer ball game.

November 11
My sister Amy is turning 40 next week. We wanted to have her birthday party early to increase our chances of surprising her. She was surprised!!!

It was a small gathering with family and close friends and it was so special. Throughout the night people spoke eloquently about Amy and the life she's lived. There was a common theme spoken of how she is a person who loves well. She shows up, she puts love into action, she has a servant's heart, she is a notice-er of people and makes them feel special and seen. She is a treasure and it was such an honor to celebrate her life this night.

November 12
While we were partying, the kids were back at the house hanging with cousins who slept over. We had a quiet morning hanging together in pjs. So fun!

We met up at the park to send them home and I got there a little early so we'd have time to explore. Though I tell them often, my kids have no idea how amazing it is to have so many cousins their age who they get to see regularly. Such a blessing!

November 13
Different day, different cousins, different woods. We did respite foster care overnight for a 12 year-old boy. He was a bit of a handful so I did my best to keep him outside and active. We spent the morning at the river and then while my kids were at rehearsal, I took a group to hike a local "mountain". The weather was so perfect and no one got hurt or lost.


Meg A. said...

I loved this week! Your photos of when Ame arrived made me smile so big! Such a fantastic moment and evening! Thankful for your hard work to make the night so special!

Ashley Beth said...

Surprise parties always make me smile! And the fall colors are still so beautiful where you are. Our leaves are all long gone!

Melody said...

Love the surprise party pics! And you and Renna hiking :)