Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Project 365, Week 19

We were still in Florida for part of this week, finishing up a couple quiet days. And then we came back at re-entered life, mercifully at a slightly slower speed.

May 1
It was a quiet day and the best sunset of the week.

May 2
Gavin has no shortage of cousins who think he is THE best...and he's learning "high-five'!

May 3
On the road. Shaun and I were working through the book Sully while the kids watched movies, listened to music and slept. We had eight really travelers!

May 4
My lilac bush is showing off this year. Spring here is...ahhh!

May 5
Special alone time with my little guy. He talked and chopped watermelon while I listened. He's growing up at a rapid rate.

May 6
My second half-marathon since returning from my "hiatus". The starting line was at the kids school, so logistically it was a breeze. I also had a couple fans along the way. :)

May 7
Ray and Quinn were water baptized and they invited us to witness it. What an honor! In giving their testimonies, they spoke of experiencing God's love and grace in our home and for Ray, after too many times bouncing around, finally finding a home...a family with us. There is so much hard in what we do and the demands for selflessness are painful and frequent. What we are doing is messy and grace is not cheap. We question if we are making a difference. So witnessing the ways God is working in these two lives was very moving. Not because of what we've done but what God has done with our "yes".

I felt like the little boy in the Bible who offered his lunch to help feed the crowd of 5000+. He took the brown bag his mom had packed him that morning and said, here Jesus...I have a mashed PB&J...would that be helpful? And Jesus takes it and feeds everyone, with food to spare. Its incredibly humbling that God has made use of my inadequacies, my shortcomings...He works miracles with obedience.

Shaun and H washed our cars and Avery replayed the car wash scene in Sing.

We took some photos for an exciting new project with Lights Up. Its been such an honor to partner with Brent and Tami as they share the Truth with people. Brent is a master author/creator/friend. Can't wait to see his latest work once its completed. This was a "testing the light" photo. :)


Melody said...

Awesome job on the half! You go! Total rockstar!

Megan Albano said...

ALL the tears for your thoughts on Ray's baptism!!! I'm so grateful for your "mashed up PB&J" and I know countless others are impacted because of it. I'm so glad God used that baptism to show you a small picture of how your "yes" IS making a difference. Grace upon grace!

Quinn McAdam said...

Thank you so much, again, for being there on Sunday!! It meant so much to us 😊❤

Carrie said...

What a gift you have given those young people, and how kind of God to allow you to see some of the impact you've had on their lives. Encouragement needed, I'm sure, to keep on keeping on.