Monday, May 22, 2017

Project 365, Week 21

I definitely have exceeded my picture count limit, but we've had a lot going on. Some good, some not, some pictured, most not. It is hard and it is sweet and only by God's grace my heart is fuller with a fuller house. It also gets more is brutiful.

May 15
Avery's class had a class trip to an adventure park. I pulled out my winter coat to be outside with her, but despite the cold and rain, the kids had a great time.

May 16
Avery laid a blanket in the yard and we chatted for a few minutes...she's aging rapidly!

Silly boy, passing the time.

There was a new-to-us instructor at horseback riding and we really liked her, so much so that we've switched our lesson slot.

May 17
My first morning of the season out on the was lovely!!

Even though it was 90 degrees, Shaun and I spread mulch at three properties. It was nice to hang out together during the day, kidless!

May 18
Field trip #2 of the week. We went to a local farm and I thought it was pretty lame, but Aiden seemed to really enjoy it, especially hearing about planting and harvesting, which he already considers himself an expert in. :)

He wanted me to sit next to him on the bus and when we walked he would grab my hand. At lunch we sat together under the shade tree and he steered the conversation around legos and Hardy Boys and gardening and...cancer. Wow...blows me away to hear his heart and I'm glad he's still processing it. So am I!

J was selected to participate with other high school girls in a hat show fundraiser. I had low expectations, but it turned out to be a 300-person, well-run, classy event.

As the girls took turns modeling their hat, the MC read a bit of their story, their interests and about a woman in their life who inspires them.

I was amazed by the brokenness and heartache, the strength and courage.

May 19
Each year the RI National Guard puts on an airshow. This year my dad took some cousins and met up with my brother and his gang for a pre-show/practice, no crowds and front row seats. It pays to know people in high places. ;) (Thanks Elizabeth for the photos and Pop for thinking of Aiden!)

One of the kids was clearly struggling after school so I said, Come on...we're going for a walk! She did not stop talking for the 3/4 mile walk, words spilling out about her rough day. And then we arrived at the river and played with Ginger and the world was a better place.

I'm learning to slow down more, listen more, infer 'just suck it up' less. I'm horribly imperfect at it, but its important enough that I keep trying.

May 20
There was talk of prom happening and I had an inner freak out, thinking of all the not good things that could happen because we haven't had enough time to train/coach/teach/advise. So I didn't say no to prom but counteroffered with an all-expense paid day at the amusement park. They happily accepting, not at all anxious to pay a ton of money knowing that "there's always next year".

So I spent the day at the amusement park with five teens and Shaun was at the soccer field with the other three from 9:30 am to 7:30pm with baseball, soccer and comp tryouts. They laid down the seats in the Suburban and played games and hung out.

May 21
Same river, different kid needing some time.

Somehow it worked out that I got to take Avery to her morning soccer game, all alone! I set up my chair off to the side of the parent row, put in my headphones and had a very special time with God while I watched in amazement at Avery's progress and heart on a beautiful morning. It was wonderful!


Ashley Beth said...

I love the amusement park idea instead of prom. What fun and lasting memories!

Melody said...

Pretty sunrise!