Thursday, June 22, 2017

Project 365, Week 25

This was a week of work and winding down the school year....lots of toiling and celebrating. Life.

June 12
Late evening doing office renovations.

June 13
Since Avery is in youth group, she also sits in the adult service on weekends now. I was teaching in the toddler class so I asked her to take notes for me. I spent my time this morning reading through them and looking up the passages used. I'm grateful for the truth that is taught week after week.

June 14
The gift of a new day.

It was a half day of school so we took a break at the river before heading to the office to work.

June 15
Last day in uniforms.

June 16
And the last official day of school! SO happy to have them for the summer!

The office looks like maybe there could be a business running in there, right until you round that first corner. ;)

June 17
We met up with family to bury great-grandpa. It was a brief and deeply moving time as he was buried with military honors. So very thankful for the man he was, for the legacy he has left.

Big day for Avery's team...they won the CT State Cup Finals game!! She's worked really hard and it was a big deal

We celebrated. :)

Shaun coached Amanda's last game, too.

June 18
Happy Father's Day! We all have much to celebrate in Shaun. He is a good provider, hard-working, faithful, and he serves quietly and consistently. He is self-controlled and patient and wise. He has a huge heart and is at his best behind closed doors with his family when no one is watching. He is a gift!

Yoda best dad in the galaxy! 


LuAnn said...

Oh Lisa
I haven't gotten on here in quite awhile. How your kids are growing up. Enjoy your summer days!!

Melody said...

Congratulations Avery! And yay summer!

Amy said...

Still can't believe Avery's State Cup!!! That is so amazing!!!!!!!

The Bug said...

Go Avery! Not only is she a great athlete, but her handwriting is really good! I love how proud everyone was after the game, and I really love that last picture - lots of big love there...