Thursday, October 5, 2017

Project 365, Week 40

I don't remember a September of nicer weather, except I think I say that every year. Most days seemed to have a quality of perfectness in them and we soaked it up. We are ALL about soccer around here with 4-5 practices a week and 4-5 games each weekend, its a lot, but much of it we're able to do together, which is helpful. And its just for these eight falls weeks, so I'm just trying to enjoy it and not get lost in the crazy.

September 25
As I read to Aiden, he tried to pick out a "Sunday best" outfit for school pictures the next day and was weighing what he wanted with his sisters opinions.

September 26
Ultimately, he opted to wear his school uniform. Silly boy.

Too gorgeous not to, and such a treat this late in September, we met cousins at the river.

September 27
I was at church with Avery and J, but Sienna sent me this picture and video...she managed to catch a diving save! :)

September 28
I was taking in the beauty of the evening as I watched J's horseback riding lesson and listened to a podcast.

September 29
Silly kids. :)

Shaun and Amanda played in a CT Cup game. It was a tight game and went into double overtime. Usually at that point the game gets decided by penalty kicks, but the ref called it because it had gotten way too dark. (as the keeper's mom, I was super happy about that decision!)

We had lots of fan support!

September 30
The next morning, Avery's team played a CT Cup game, a nearly two hour drive! Shaun's mom and sister live on that end of the state so they came out to the game.

We got back to our neck of the woods in time to go straight to Aiden's game.

October 1
Because Friday night wasn't able to be decided, we had to replay the entire Cup game on Sunday, this time at the opponent's home field. It ended in a heartbreaking loss. And that's all I'm going to say about that. :(


Amy said...

That's a lot of soccer!!! Thank goodness for perfect weather for it! So nice you got so much family time around the games. Sad for the loss.

The Bug said...

It was a beautiful September! And even I went to a soccer game last week - ha!