Sunday, July 27, 2008

Father of the Year

Yesterday was Shaun's sister's wedding rehearsal and it was a great day. Perfect weather, good company, everything.

Avery's been excited about being a flower girl since her Auntie asked her back in November. The day before I started to talk about how we were going to the "practice" for Auntie Sarah's wedding, which she was also excited about. However, what both Shaun and I failed to remember to do is talk her through exactly what would be taking place. We know she almost always needs that in new situations, we just never thought of it.

So...the first time she practiced walking down the aisle, she was crying hysterically.

We just hadn't prepared her. So, while I was taking pictures and being a bridesmaid, Shaun took her back down the aisle, got her to calm down and talked her through the whole thing. Then, quietly by themselves, they practiced...maybe 8-10 times, maybe more...and each time she gained a little more confidence until she was walking to Shaun grinning. He definitely deserves some type of an award for pulling that off and salvaging her flower girl status.

It was precious to watch. Despite my best efforts, my mind fast-forwarded twenty years or so to when I will once again watch them in the aisle together. It made me tear up and say a silent prayer for God to give us wisdom to raise her to that point and to keep and protect the husband He has already chosen for her.

As is typical, her sister, who is not in the wedding, found a flower and marched right down, no problem.

Afterwards, we all enjoyed a brunch at the local country club. The girls were thrilled to be hanging out with Cousin Jared.And here's a not-too-bad picture of the two of us.


Elizabeth said...

Oh man. You had me getting feclemped (sp?). That is such a precious memory. Wish I could see her in all her flower girl glory! She's going to do great!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

She is a beautiful flower girl! And you made me choke up myself when I pictured her (and then my own little one) 20 years down the road, walking the aisle with daddy.

Love the last picture of the two of you!

Amy said...


mom said...

Yay for Shaun. Bless his heart. You got a good one!!