Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Avery Turns Five

It is the strangest thing to Shaun and I that already five years has past since we became parents.  Avery's been a blessing to us since she was just seconds old.  She's done a lot of growing and maturing this year and is becoming a very special young lady.

She is happy...always quick with a big, huge smile and a giggle.  She carefully plans, as well as she can with the information a four year-old is given.  She helps her sister chose outfits and she has quite a bit of style.  In the very near future I will be taking fashion advise from her.

Shaun taught her how to read last summer and it has been so incredible to watch a whole new world open up to her. What was once just another building that we often drive by is now a restaurant that has p-i-z-z-a.  She enjoys reading and being read to.

She's very observant and quick with questions.  When we explain something to her she repeats it back, as if literally filing it away somewhere.  This is how many, many of our conversations go: When is it my birthday?  It will be your birthday in four days.  Oh, it will be my birthday in four days?  Yes, in four days it will be your birthday.  Oh.

She loves adventures...she is always asking, what are we going to do today?? And would be happy being out and about from morning until night...and then back out again.  She especially likes the city...any big city or highway system.  So, when we gave her a couple choices for her birthday, we kinda already knew we'd end up in...well, a city.

After a hearty breakfast, we were on our way to Boston!

Love this.

For the first time, we went to Boston Children's Museum...what a place!  Almost like it was made for children! :)

They had an incredible room only for ages 0-3.  Wow...they clearly did some research on those ages and the room was perfect.  I spent the bulk of our time there in that section with the two little ones.  Fun!

I saw this mirror and thought I'd take a picture to prove I was there...clearly that skill needs a little work...or maybe a free arm.

We walked several blocks to dinner, just beating the rain that lasted until we were done with dinner.  It was a treat to have Auntie Laryssa, Uncle Nathan, Jared, Grandpa John and Nana join us for the day.

It was so fun to see this smile plastered on her face the entire day.

We love you precious Avery.  Have fun being five!


Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Happy birthday to sweet Avery! We are just around the corner with our first one turning five, too. Now all my rules about being able to do something when she turns five seem crazy: chewing gum, get a two-wheeler, etc. Ha! God bless your little girl!

The Bug said...

What a wonderful birthday! Avery reminds me a bit of Emma Watson - such a pretty girl. I LOVE that last picture!

Andrea said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Avery. Sounds like you had a fun day as you turned 5. My first born has that instinctive personality to take in every piece of info. and store it away for times of need.

Melody said...

Happy birthday to beautiful Avery! Love her, and love that she loves the city :)

H-Mama said...

Awww... Happy 5th birthday to your sweet Avery. {Love that name, by the way} Beautiful, family-fun photos! They grow up too fast. I still can't believe my oldest is 10. Sigh...

Laurie said...

Saw your Big Girl at church last night. I asked her if she was really, truly a five-year old... she just about exploded with pride. So, so, so precious. <3