Sunday, June 20, 2010

Project 365, Week 25

Another full week, AND with beautiful weather!  As I was putting all the pictures together, I noticed that our week started and ended with great-grandparents and I'm so thankful that my kids have that in their lives!  You think grandparents spoil (yes, they do), with great-grandparents there is zilch, zippo, nada that the kids can do wrong....everything they do is just spectacular and cute.  What a blessing to get to watch their relationship in action!

June 13
We took lunch over to Shaun's grandfather.
June 14
Bathing beauties.
June 15
Daddy, will you please put this dress on my (headless) princess?
June 16
I had a work meeting and a hospital visit...when I went to pick the kids up from my mom's, this is what I found....rough life.
June 17
Third Thursday is a street fest in our town during the summer.  Once a month, on the third Thursday, they close down part of Main Street and vendors set up on either side.  Thousands of people turn out to listen to live music and eat local fare.  We started the evening with free popcorn.
June 18
Cousins digging in the sand.  Aiden wasn't much of a help though...he was too busy eating it. 
June 19
We spent the afternoon with Shaun's other grandfather and his wife and also Shaun's sister Sarah while  Shaun, Tony and Jared golfed nine holes.
Later, we had a jam session.  We cleared the living room floor and the kids danced and screamed and requested Pop's songs.  I'd post a video, but I'm not sure you could handle it. :)  Intense screaming, laughing, dancing.  Aiden was completely taken with the guitar. 

Cousins!  They just never have any fun when they are together. :)
Thanks for hosting, Sara.  How was everyone's week?


sara said...

I think I love coming to your blog the most because it always makes me smile and gives me that warm fuzzy family feeling I love so much!!

Lisa, you are incredibly blessed to have so much family around and it's wonderful to see you take full advantage of it!!

H-Mama said...

Sara has a favorite... and I can see why. Love, love, love your grandfather and daddy moments captured this week. That's truly priceless.

{your pix have me convicted... need to carry my nikon around more! ha!}

The Bug said...

Your kids really are so cute - I love all the pics of them this week.

Melody said...

LOVE the cousins pic! Looking forward to experiencing all that joy and fun in person pretty soon :)

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Precious great-grandparent pics this week. Precious memories.

I am amazed at your ability to get such fabulous photos while out and about at the street fest. I always have a photographic nightmare when I bring a camera along for such events.

Oh, yes, I see. They are a big bunch of DEPRIVED, FORLORN cousins, indeed!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Precious Great grand parent pictures! My boys have 2 great turns 100 tomorrow in fact! And cousins are the best! We have so much fun when we see the cousins (which sadly is only about once a year since we live cross country from each other) Great week in pictures (too funny about the headless princess!)

Elizabeth said...

Family time.. isn't it the best!

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

What absolutely fantastic photographs! I love the one of Daddy dressing the princess.

Tori said...

I LOVE that the pictures with Shaun's grandfather have his hands in them! There is something about the hands and what they have done that just speak volumes!
So Aiden had a little mouth exfoliation with the sand?! :)
What a fun idea with the Third Thursday!
Have a super week!!