Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Earlier this week, my brother-in-law, who I know reads my blog faithfully (Hi, Nate!:)) commented on my photography site.  He made it seem like he'd just seen it for the first time, and indeed he had.  That was surprising to me because its been up, with a link on my sidebar, for 8 months now.

Anyway, IF you are interested and hadn't yet seen it, I thought I'd make you aware.  I'm so excited about what God is doing with my photography business.  I've been studying and practicing and reading diligently, but this has all been God's timing.  I know he is good, all the time, so I am just trusting.

You can see more of this sweetheart HERE (  Can you get pregnant just by nuzzling a baby?  Oh, I hope so! {wink}

I brought the girls with me to the shoot.  On the ride home, I noticed they had a couple items that didn't belong to them (bracelet, plastic cell phone).  We had a serious talk about stealing.  Then this morning, they both came down with more items I didn't recognize...more bracelets and necklaces, 'cause, you know, clearly we don't have enough already! 

It was like a scene out of Oliver Twist...we have 3 and 4-year old criminals living under our roof! Sorry, Gabby...we'll get those items returned to you asap.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men
Colossians 3:23


Andrea said...

BEAUTIFUL shots there, Lis. What an angel. I like the one posted on this blog and the one of the big eyes on the sister peaking at her. So sweet, such excitement in those eyes. You are truley talented. And I know you don't take credit but your hard work and disciplined hunger for the knowledge is evident.

Melody said...

Amazing pics!