Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 365, Week 24

This was a long week, in a good way.  When I was looking back at last Sunday's picture, I was surprised at how long ago it seemed.  In my book, that's a good thing!

June 6
As we were walking on this beautiful afternoon, I just wanted to burn the moment in my memory.  Amanda had on a bathing suit and her passed-down, mangled pink sparkly shoes.  Avery made her own outfit creation, including her brother's size 12 month shorts.  Don't know.  Shades on top of her head and a purse containing only gum slung across her shoulder.  They had both carefully buckled in their charges, some combination of stuffed animals and dolls.  Riley walked ahead just a bit, acting like he owns the street, and essentially, he does.  He and I have put more miles along this stretch than most.  And finally, Aiden just sitting back relaxing in the jogger, taking the whole scene in...watching and learning, no doubt.

Nothing exciting or spectacular about the moment, it was just "us".

June 7
Siblings that share popsicles together, stay together.

June 8
"Cousins" came over so we could get a picture of these two for their birthday invitation.  Their birthdays are 5 days apart, so we are combining them this year (and most likely every year to come).
June 9
June 10
We needed a babysitter for a conference we were attending, so Pop and Kiki took the kids overnight.  Shaun and I both worked late then went to one of our favorite restaurants for a late quiet dinner for two!  After, we popped into the bookstore.  Oh, the hours I could spend there.  ALL of these biographies looked interesting to me...I just think they are fascinating.

June 11
We attended our first home school convention (yikes!!).  We went to gather information and to be able to look through all the different curriculms represented.  We split up for the workshops to get double the information.  The day was...informative.
June 12
We watched my niece Madison's recital. she good!  She was in 7 different numbers and shines like a star up there.
And that was our week, or parts of it anyway.  How was yours?

Thanks for hosting, Sara....glad you got back safe!

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The Bug said...

LOVE the first picture! That's the best part of this project - people taking random shots of every day that we can go back & say - oh yeah, I remember that. It's pretty cool.

Good luck deciding on a home school curriculum - apparently lots of people have a wide variety of opinions on this!