Sunday, July 4, 2010

Project 365, Week 27

Happy Independence Day!!

Another busy week with lots of comings and goings.  My vehicle is definitely not used to being out of the driveway this much!  Shaun's grandmother from Florida and his dad from Chicago were still here, so we squeezed in as much family time as we could.

June 27
My sister-in-law Sarah and I completed a 1/2 marathon!  See?  We have medals, AND we are still smiling, though mine looks a little more like a grimace, I think.  Ah, what a good feeling to cross that finish line!

June 28
The whole crew went to Essex to ride the steam train and boat, then we had a nice dinner on the water.
By crew I mean this crew.
June 29
Avery had to go to the doctor for now the fifth time, trying to remove a couple warts on her fingers.  She was very brave, in fact I think Amanda suffered more from her empathy pain than Avery did from the real pain.  When we went a couple weeks ago, I thought Amanda was going to punch the doctor out when he first started working on Avery's finger.
June 30
Hangin' in the yard on a beautiful day
July 1
Back at a doctor's office, this time with Amanda.  She had a bite/rash that we'd been watching since she woke up complaining that her arm hurt on Monday.  She'd been out of sorts all week and today when I looked at it, it was clearly a bulls-eye...Lyme Disease.  The visit to the pediatrician confirmed this even without a blood test (thank you Lord)  and she is on antibiotics for two weeks.  Praying this will be the end.

Incidentally, she caused quite a stir in the office with all her jewels. 
Later that evening we were playing out in the yard.  Somehow Avery and Amanda talked me into letting them use the camera.
July 2
The grand finale of VBS.  Avery had such a fun time this week.
July 3
This is actually a cheater picture because I took it on July 2, but I wanted to get the post made and scheduled before we leave for the long weekend.  Avery packed herself, her sister and her brother very carefully and thoughtfully....she's quite handy to have around. :)
Off to find some fun!  Enjoy your 4th festivities!  Thanks for hosting, Sara.


sara said...

yea for your race and finishing well!!

I remember once when Jason had to get some shots..I was comforting him and the nurse said "mama I think you need to comfort THAT one" I turned and Alyssa was in her chair just sobbing for her brother!! so sweet!

I know what Lyme disease is but have never heard of some one having it. praying she is better soon.

ok, Amanda did GREAT with the camera!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

The Bug said...

Dr. M would LOVE to go on the train & boat! That sounds like a great time with that huge crew.

Love Amanda's jewels - hope she recovers soon.

As usual - the kids are too cute!

H-Mama said...

Congratulations on completing the 1/2 mary! What fun to do it with someone you know!

Lovin' the bling-bling. Your kids are beautiful. Really. Hope Lyme disease will be a thing of the past... and soon. ((hugs))

Elizabeth said...

Man! It's only the beginning of July and it seems you've had a super busy summer already...busy in a good way, of course. Great job on the 1/2 marathon. You're a trooper! I had just been reading an awful article on all the tick-borne diseases in your area while at the doc the other day thinking that was def one of the cons to moving. Praying the early onset of antibiotics does the trick. If we move, you'll have to school me in checking for ticks. Haven't even had to think twice about that over the last 4 years.