Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project 365, Week 29

Looking over this week, I actually can't believe how much work and fun we packed in.  My husband gets a shout-out this week.  In every way possible he's just been amazing.  This was a big week for my photography business and he could not be more supportive and helpful with it all.  His eyes are always loving and steady when I look at him with my I-don't-think-I-can-do-this look.  He's also just fun to hang out with and great with his kids. 

Ok, enough about my incredible husband (he would have long since tried to change the subject if I'd just said those things to him).  Our week!

July 11
We went to our church picnic and the girls were thrilled to get multiple pony rides. was thrilled anyway.  The other was just ok with it....I'll let you figure out which is which. :)
Later that day we had 23 supportive family members come over to celebrate Aiden's FIRST birthday.  My dad also did a dedication service....Yes!  He makes house calls. :)
July 12
Those who have visited our home (like the 23 on Sunday) know that our house stays on the warm side in the summer, despite Shaun's diligence in opening windows and closing shades at all the appropriate times.  In the evening we went and crashed at my sister's pool, even though they were not home.  Luckily, the neighbors didn't call the cops. :) The five of us had a great time splashing around and both girls are making great progress in Daddy's Swimming School.
July 13
Aiden's actual birthday.  We went out as a family to a place where they have balloons, a favorite of Aiden's, and the girls thought he should be sung to and get dessert.
July 14
I used to wonder why my mom always wore the same old clothes, while us kids were regularly getting new I understand.  If the clothes still fit and don't have any (major) holes, then they are still good.  I'm not a trendy enough dresser that my clothes go out of style fast (no skinny jeans for me), so they are passable for some time. 

However, Shaun has started to make fun of some of my "1980's" clothes and occasionally when I put something on he says 'do not wear that again'.  Prior to 2004, I used to shop regularly (no kids, so disposable, dual income went directly to me without passing through three children) but over the last six years between being pregnant, recovering from being pregnant and less money coming in, shopping for new clothes took a way-back seat.  Plus, over the years shopping has offered less and less enjoyment for me and is down to about none now.  Unless...

Unless your husband takes you out on a date to a nice mall and filters through the racks and stacks of clothes.  He was on a mission to find me something suitable to wear for my photography jobs and we were successful.  I tried on no less than 30 pieces of clothing and he gave his yea or nay right on the spot.  We both had a really fun night being teenagers at the mall.

July 15
The girls learned how to blow up balloons.  Throughout the day Amanda was on her game, spreading her Amanda-ness at the two different doctor appointments we had.  The doctors, nurses, receptionist and waiting room people...we left smiling people in our wake.
July 16
Perhaps my favorite shot from a series that I took in my sister's back yard while we were hanging out.  Can you hear the laughter?  They were having a blast!
Second favorite... 

July 17
We went to the lake for perhaps the last time.  My mom is selling her place and the closing is this week.
The youth group held a fundraiser dinner after church.  Our kids had fun hanging out with the teenagers.
 That's it for me.  Thanks for hosting Sara.


sara said...

one year, REALLY? year. I can't believe it.

when those girls become teenagers, shopping will become fun again! :)

LOVE the pictures in the water!!!

Momagoose said...

Love the photo of Aiden and the Duckling or Gosling..??.. :o)
Wow...your mom's house finally sold, I bet she is so happy!! the date where you got the brown dress you wore to church??...way cute! :o)

The Bug said...

Love the water pictures - and the idea of "Amandaness" - too cute!

Glad your hubby took you shopping. It's not on my list of fun things to do either - I know people get tired of seeing the same old things on me.

Darla said...

wow, i cannot believe that Aiden is ONE! where has the time gone? your family is still as precious as ever! the shopping issue is one that i totally understand and Sara is right, shopping will become fun again when the girls are teens, however, i find myself having fun shopping with them FOR them...still not for me usually. :)