Thursday, November 14, 2013

LIV- Ohio

It is can that be??  I feel like I've lost this week!  I will be interested to look back on my pictures from my week to see where it went.  Did I even take pictures??  No idea...its been a blur.

I'm sure part of that comes from getting back from being away for a few days.  And we had such an incredible time in Ohio, doing two shows of Lost in Vegas.  Shaun spends so much time with his sound stuff and wants us to be along with him anytime its possible.

The cast and crew is a tight-knit group of around 35 and we love spending time with them.

After an easy 12-hour drive (the kids were great and Amy drove!) we checked into the hotel and then drove the 15 minutes to the church.  The church was amazing...a small city, really.  In a town of 1200 people, they have a congregation of 2400!
Cars and vans and planes filtered in until we had most everyone together.  They were doing random singing and dancing (Amanda) for the sound check.

 While Amanda was happy on stage, Avery made a bee-line to the baby.
 James gave Amanda a hair-braiding sweet!
 And then they did an assembly line.  :)

 Cousin Maddy!
 The next day we swam, just the four of us.
 Then bathtime to rinse off all the chlorine.
 Then we went to church to eat and keep the cast company.  :)  Everyone is so gracious about having the kids kicking around.
 While the girls are doing hair and makeup, Aiden sticks close to his dad in hopes there might be some work he can help with.

 James designed and drew all of his tattoos and then ordered stick-ons.  He's an amazing artist and they all have well thought out meaning (much more thought than many people give their real tattoos  :)
 R was getting the lowdown on backstage instructions.  He was thrilled to be able to fill in and have a role.

 The next day, the pool was FULL of our group.

 Back at the church!

 So good to get extra time with my sister.

 For this show, instead of taking pictures of the show, I spent the evening backstage capturing the show from that angle.  Mostly it was pitch-black so my options were limited, but still a fun perspective.
 Aiden helped Mrs. E with DVD sales during intermission.

 Bathroom break.
 And then tear down...all hands on deck!

So grateful to have the chance to work alongside such amazing people, using the gifts God has given us.  All for souls...

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Amy said...

I LOVE the recap! Good times! Loved my time with you, too!