Monday, November 4, 2013

Project 365, Week 44

My heart is swelled with blessings I cannot contain and my head is spinning with all the craziness.  There is a smile on my face, probably equal parts joy and insanity.  :)

I have a lot of pictures here, but it doesn't even begin to cover our week.  Maybe in pieces I'll be able to share some of it...the amazing things God is doing. 

October 27
Shaun was essentially MIA this week, so poor Aiden got woken up from nearly every nap.  I was washing his sheets so he found a new setup.

 Showtime!  Shaun on sound, me taking pictures and the kids mesmerized, even though they've seen it dozens of time.

A couple days later Aiden said to me, Mom, when you see the big treasure box, Jess Valentine is in there.
 My niece Maddie is the little girl crying.
 And my gorgeous sister has many roles, including hours of time and hair-pulling-out behind-the-scenes.
October 28
Shaun and I were standing in the yard and Aiden was skillfully riding his bike.  We asked him what he thought about taking the training wheels off.  He was a little hesitant, but then ran and got the socket wrench, with the right size on it.

It was a good first time out.
 October 29
Brent helped Avery get outfitted for a character at school.
 October 30
These two read together for an entire hour together while R was in therapy and an older gentlemen was talking my ear off.  He was originally from Maine and reminded me so much of Shaun's grandfather.

Get 72 he and his wife took in two foster kids who they later adopted.  The boys are 10 and 12 and he is 82.  Can you imagine??
 After we picked Amanda up from speech class, we took R to inquire about a job at a restaurant.  While we were waiting, the kids discovered a beaver dam...three actually, and we saw the beaver swimming around.  They were SO excited and Amanda desperately wanted to accidentally fall in.  :)
 October 31
Sweetest little bunny.
November 1
BIG DAY!  R got his learner's permit!  
 While he was taking his test, Avery noticed this sign and muttered to herself, wow....that's come they don't want you to drink and drive??  I didn't have the heart to tell her they were not referring to the water I'm constantly downing.
 The heavens declare Your Majesty!
 I went to Hartford for opening night of the Women of Faith conference.  I kept climbing and climbing, until I was on THE last row, all the way at the top of the civic center.  When I turned around to sit, my knees got a little wobbly from the height.

Eventually I moved down to one of the dozen empty rows below me.  Best available seats?  :)
After I went and picked up my family who were at church for a Lost in Vegas filming.  Its going to be on DVD/Blue Ray!  The kids were happy to have a cousin.  :)
 November 2
Day 2 of the women's conference, this time with three friends.  I was thrilled to hear Angie Smith speak, as I've read a ton of her work.  SUCH a good day.
 After lunch, Third Day performed...they are truly timeless.
 I met up with my family and got to see my kids for 10 minutes of the day.  Enough to think, how blessed am I that this handsome guy runs up to me with a huge smile, hugs me tight and says I love you Momma.
 After dropping the kids with my sister, we were off to my second concert of the day.  Chris Tomlin was aMAZing!  Honestly?  I didn't really go to see him.  I went to see Louie Giglio talk, which was part of the night.  But Tomlin was quite impressive.  He has an incredible smile and seemed to just be loving the night and what he was doing, feeding off the electric crowd.

And Louie G....I could listen to him ALL day long!

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The Bug said...

Sounds like a great week! What a treat for you to get to go to the WOF conference & hear Angie Smith! I used to read her blog a lot a few years ago.

I'm so sad - I found out yesterday that I have to go to our church's conference in Cincinnati this coming weekend :(