Sunday, November 17, 2013

Project 365, Week 46

Good morning!  I have nothing in the way of an introduction today, but I hope you have a great week!  

There are blessings everywhere.  Some days you have to sift through the "stuff" of life a little deeper and sometimes your arms are so heavy it feels like they can't dig, but keep looking...there are ALWAYS things to be thankful for and more blessings than you can count.

Start with the fact that you are breathing and have eyes and a mind that can read this and take it from there.  :)

November 10
We left Ohio at 1 AM...Batman was my backseat road buddy for the 12-hour drive.
 November 11
Our first sighting of s-n-o-w for the season.  Boo!
November 12
This is Aiden's treasure box that he hauls all over the place.  A rubber band gun that doubles as a pen, coins (real and play), a tape measure and an avocado pit.
Amy and I took the boys to see The Hungry Caterpillar ( or calapiter, as Amanda says).  They look so big here!

 First night of basketball practice for Avery.  Though she's a lot like me, she seemed to favor her dad on the court...phew!  :)

She scored a great coach and I told her so as we were walking out.  When she asked why I said, because he's going to teach you a lot, work you hard and expect your best.  (I wonder if she got picked by her last name, since he and Shaun have known each other on the basketball court for many years :).  
 November 13
Love to hear the stories Aiden tells me about his lego setups.

November 14
I believe they refer to this as bed head.  :)

 Sooo pretty driving out of Great-Grandpa's house!
About a week ago Avery and Aiden were fooling around together and Aiden jumped up and hit the bottom of Avery's chin....hard enough to chip two of her (front, ADULT teeth).  The dentist had a good report that the enamel is still intact and normal growth and wear and tear should even them out.  And he didn't charge us for the three minute visit!  Blessings!
 So, so grateful for our new house that gives us the option to say yes to a respite and not have to worry about where we're going to put everyone.  Its the reason we bought this place!
Sweetest girls, matching for bed.

November 15
So Mom....this is where the weapons go, this is where the money goes, this is where the bad guys go... (no, our family is not part of the mafia :).
 Aiden got all dressed up to go with Pop to "do the Lord's work".  Yes, I let him go out like this.
 On the way home from a work lunch, I stopped in to see Shaun.  He had his crew hard at work, digging holes for a soon-to-be deck.
 Xtreme Impact did a show at Christian Life.  Very impressive and such a powerful message!
November 16
R and I set out early to go meet up with his biological brother, who he hadn't seen in three years.  (They are full can definitely tell that!)  The visit went well and they hope to do it again soon.
 Then we went to a Gender Reveal party (a first for me).  Shaun's sister gave her ultrasound results to a baker who made the inside frosting the color that represented the sex of the baby.  Then, with their immediate family and a few close friends gathered, they cut into the cake.

 And...its a......BOY!  I'll have a new nephew in April!!  (My 10th, if I counted right.  :)
SUCH a fun, happy event!  We couldn't be happier for them!

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The Bug said...

I love the idea of the gender reveal party - it's just so fun & creative :)

You know that for some people Aiden's bedhead is actually a really look that they try to achieve - ha!

R & his brother are good looking boys!