Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project 365, Week 45

This week could be summed up with three words: Lost In Vegas.  We didn't go to Vegas, but we were caught up in the show.

There was a performance Sunday at our church and after was tear down and trailer-loading.  Shaun and Amanda and our friend Jeremiah set out for the 12-hour car ride to Ohio, were they started setup on Tuesday morning.

On Thursday morning, the rest of us joined up with my sister and niece and headed to Ohio.  We did shows Friday and Saturday nights and then tore down and packed up the trailer before turning around to do the 12-hour road trip again.

November 3
Someone else took Aiden out, so I captured some of the gun scene.

November 4
It was a quiet morning once we got Daddy and Amanda off to Ohio and the school kids off to school.  Aiden has been into legos recently and we are so blessed to have a whole bin that someone handed down to us.  Love seeing his creations.
November 5
This is where Shaun and Amanda were.
It was a running around kind of day back at home, but we snuck in some Facetime with Shaun and Amanda before bed.
 November 6
Those big, beautiful trees I've enjoyed all spring and summer are shedding!  It was SO nice out, so suddenly getting them raked up became a priority of the day.  :)

 November 7
Road trip!  My sister drove the entire time, so I got to relax and take pictures of the beautiful countryside.


 After checking into the hotel, we met up with a bunch of road-weary travelers to run a sound check.
 November 8
The cast and crew had to be at the church to run through things, so the kids and I had the pool to ourselves for the morning before naps.  We had a blast...I have three fish!
R was happy to fill in where he was needed, mostly backstage, but he did get a small part on stage....Darth Vader!  :)
 November 9
More pool time, this time with friends.

 November family pic, pre-show.

 More on our trip, and the show, this week!


Meg A. said...

Looks like a great week! LOVE the second shot of the post. And the sweet faces in the last shot aren't too bad either! :)

Amy Joy said...

Love that family photo!

The Bug said...

Aw what a great family shot! And I LOVE your road trip pictures - gorgeous!

I'm still sad we weren't able to connect. Sigh.