Monday, October 27, 2014

Doing Battle, Week 5

 The big news for this week is that we started treatments!  We walked into the cancer center bright and early on Monday morning.   After briefly meeting with the oncologist, and setting up more appointment, we were ushered into the treatment room.  Several nurses looked up and smiled and knew who we were.

Lisa?  You're in the right place!
Really??  Because this feels very wrong that I'm here.

They found a nice corner spot for us that had a couple windows and in no time we were getting set up.

 If you know Shaun even a little then it will not come as a surprise to you that he has spent much of the last month pouring over journals and periodicals and trials in an effort to educate himself.  He was able to get a copy of the chemotherapy formula and was reading up on it.

I brought reading material, too but mostly I was just loved on all morning via text messages and in between nurses popping in, Shaun and I got to talk and enjoy being together.
This was the view from my chair for four hours.  The room is set up in a circular pattern, so that all patients can be seen from the nurses station.
So strange.  I've spent my entire life doing my best to not put bad things in my body and this day we were pouring toxins directly into my bloodstream as a life-saving measure.
These faces!  Definitely felt like Team Lisa was at work, knowing people were praying all over the country.
Stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a "few" things.
My very first symptom was the cold sensitivity....cold in my bones, but also my fingertips would get all numb and tingly when they were exposed to cold.
Aiden was sitting on a doctor's table a little bit nervously because we'd been teasing him about how many shots he was going to get.  He helps me keep everything in perspective.

We gingerly went through the week, learning the new ropes.  I was tired and without much of an appetite and cold.  But I have the luxury of being able to sleep when I need to, I have a warm house and my appetite is back now.

Week One is down and we're grateful to be taking action!


sara said...

praying for you as you start week 2. I love all the pictures from your nieces and nephews. so wonderful!

LuAnn said...

Continued prayers for you. Yeah for the first week down. Love what Shaun is doing too.

Amy Joy said...

You are doing great! Continued prayers here too and so happy that 1 week is down!!

The Bug said...

Still praying here! Love that first picture of you - such a good sport...

Amy said...

One week closer! You da bomb!

lily said...

I so appreciate your updates because you are always on my mind. Thankful for the way Shaun tackles everything life brings. You have an army here praying. xo

Ashley Beth said...

You are the smiliest patient and surely one of the ones with the most beautifully obvious hand of God on your shoulder. Praying, praying, praying for you as your body fights off those invaders. How awesome that our God is Healer! You are so cared for and loved and that shows in how you're handling this challenge. Love to you from Colorado!