Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Hartford Marathon

Race recap time!  The day started out rainy...and cold and then didn't let up until the last mile or so.  So wet.  So cold.  It was actually comical to look at the weather because the day before and the day after were beautiful and even that afternoon.  There was just this four-hour section in the morning, that was wet and cold.  Have I mentioned the day was cold and wet?  :)  But not by a long shot was that the biggest theme in my race.

It began the day before with encouragement streaming in, in the form of cards, flowers, fruit, colored pages (some texted from as far as Germany!), words of inspiration and love.  It was incredible!

Another amazing piece of the day was when my sister (in law) and brother jumped into the race with me.  They both paid lots of money and were majorly inconvenienced (no race day bib pickup) to make it happen.

Sarah is running the Marine Corp Marathon in two weeks.  When she first signed up she thought she would be running with two its just down to her.  :(  To run a marathon when you are the mom of a six-month old is just astonishing.  Anyway, she joined me at Mile 14.  We chatted until it wasn't chatting time anymore.

Tim joined us at Mile 20, which is just about the time the marathon becomes really not fun.  He and Sarah flanked me and offered words of encouragement or silence, as required.  They were textbook supporters, just exactly what I needed.  

I also felt the prayers and support of so many.  It felt like "Team Lisa" was at work, not just me and it was very powerful and emotional.

Fans stood out in the cold rain for more than four hours just waiting.  Amazing love!  (the sign looked beautiful at one point, but got mangled in the hours of rain).

Shaun and I cried in each other's arms for a was powerfully emotional on so many levels and the symbolism of this marathon and the health one we are embarking on was not lost on anyone.

These two were my heroes this day.
 Shaun and the girls did "the half"...half of one mile during the kids fun run.  The stories about who beat who and who cheated were pretty hilarious and the girls came away with their first bib and medal.  I can't wait to run with one or both of them someday.
I felt so good and so strong, even though I missed nearly three weeks of training, including a crucial long run and the all-important taper.  Even though my results didn't show it on the clock, I believe my coach brought me to a new level of fitness and endurance.  I can't wait to try it out when I am whole again.
Thank you, "Team Lisa" for rooting for me, encouraging me, and supporting me, even if you didn't understand my need to run.  My heart is so full.


Meg A. said...

Such an incredible accomplishment! I love the shots of you, crossing the finish line with Tim at your side. And the one of you and poignant. Blown away by you, friend!!

Amy Joy said...

Incredible. Agreed with Meg's comment about the shot of you and Shaun. Brought big fat tears to my eyes. You are an inspiration. Congratulations!

The Bug said...

So proud of you! Tears here too...

Jackie said...

This is just amazing, Lisa. A huge congrats on an incredible accomplishment. I love the pic of you and Shaun at the end of the race...your love speaks volumes.