Sunday, October 19, 2014

Project 365, Week 42

Seriously...these weeks are so difficult to sum up.  So much is happening and also not enough.  

This week we were so blessed to have my aunt and uncle here from upstate New York.  We had a lovely time of being together and because they were here we got to see other family as well.  They are in some of my earliest childhood memories and I love them to pieces.

On Wednesday evening Shaun took R to the emergency room because he'd hurt his ankle in practice the day before and it was still bothering him.  It ended up being a sprain so he came home with a brace and crutches. 

On Thursday evening Shaun went to play basketball (much needed after our lengthy meeting with the oncology nurse to go over the ins and outs of the upcoming chemotherapy).  He injured his lower thigh and had to be carried off the court and driven home.  The next day he was scarcely able to walk on it and definitely couldn't drive so on five minutes notice Amy ended up driving me to my port placement surgery.

Crazy stuff.  I'm happy to report though, R is able to jog on his ankle and Shaun is getting around better and better.

October 12
Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Lee came down for the weekend, just to be with us.  Our agenda was to lay low, and we accomplished it!  On Sunday afternoon we watched some football and Aunt Bonnie did enough cooking that we'd have food all week.  It was such a sweet time.

 October 13
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Ps 19:1

Our annual trip to the orchard.  This year Shaun joined us for the first time ever (to keep an eye on me and so we could take phone calls together).   I feel so many emotions when I look at the family in this picture.
 October 14
Its a good day when you can be playing out in the mud in summer gear in the middle of October.

Aiden's recently become more aware of the value of money and knows what each coin is worth.  He's decided he would like to plant a flower garden for me in this hole he's been digging....for pay.  We shook on it and he's very excited about his new employment opportunity.
 October 15
School on the go...sight word flash cards while waiting in the doctor's office.  This was a consult with a thoracic surgeon (I'd never heard of that before and he's doctor #10 involved in all this) to discuss the port-a-cath placement.

A highlight of the day was when the nurse made two attempts to take my blood pressure before asking, is your bp usually really low?  Yes, it is.  I may have cancer, but darn it all, my blood pressure is shockingly low.  So there.  :)
 October 16
Sending my girls off to school in crazy rain.
 Incredibly grateful to be the one doing my family's laundry.
 October 17
Aiden went to three different nursing homes in three days.  Grandma took him to visit Great-Grandpa and then two services with Pop.  In their downtime, Pop let him mow the lawn, as only a grandparent can.  :)  If he goes to school in Boston I think he could totally put himself through college working on the Sox grounds crew.
 October 18
Back in the days when I had a 9-5 job, I worked hard to get to the point where I liked all days of the week the same.  I didn't want to dread Mondays or wish the week away waiting for Friday and the all-too-short weekend.

In the last month I have found myself digressing on that a bit though.  The weekends are the days we are not huddled by the phone or sitting in a doctor's office or getting a procedure done.  On the weekends I feel like a soccer mom who gets to watch her kids doing their thing.

Conveniently, this day the games were back-to-back at the same park.
 The girls got a pre-game warm-up and pep talk from their dad and Avery ended up scoring two goals in the game and Amanda got to have her coveted keeper position all four quarters.

 Aiden with the ladies.  Dirt + water bottles = hours of fun

 After church we taught R and Avery Setback.  Avery marveled that we knew something she didn't know we knew.  She kept asking, did you learn this game at the hospital?  Ha!  No, Girl....we had a whole life before you were born.  :)
One month ago today I received the cancer diagnosis over the phone.  Since that moment we've been in full-on cancer mode and I still have not gotten one treatment.  That all changes tomorrow as I begin Round #1 of chemo.  Thank you for your prayers.


Amy said...

Was that Brandais reffing?--Quite a week, for sure. Lots and lots stuffed into 7 days.

sara said...

when our boys were young, my husband told them then had to mow straight lines in the front yard, but they could do whatever they wanted in the back!! I wish now I had taken pictures because Jason came up with some pretty sophisticated designs with that mower!!!

Praying for you as you start your chemo tomorrow!

LuAnn said...

Glad you got to enjoy some family time with your aunt and uncle.

Prayers continue for you especially as you start chemo tomorrow.

Carrie said...

The Sox ground crew makes all kinds of designs, so he would be perfect! Praying for you as the battle starts in earnest tomorrow.

Ashley Beth said...

Such a precious family.

Ashley Beth said...

Such a precious family.

The Bug said...

Love that sky! I'm glad you got to spend some time with family - so nice of your aunt to cook for you. And good for Shaun to come pumpkin hunting with you :)