Sunday, October 5, 2014

Project 365, Week 40

To my surprise, I took some pictures this week. :)  Actually, quite a few.

The cancer "stuff" is so consuming, both in our thoughts and practically.  We're waiting for phone calls or going to appointments or filling out paperwork and just generally thinking about it a LOT.  And all the while, life...regular, everyday, wonderful layered on top of it.  It is strange and hard to explain.

September 28
Pillars of Fire was performed at 3:30 and 6:30.  I took pictures during the first show and got to see the family briefly.

 After, I went to pick up Aiden, who had been with Colombo and cousins all day.  It was such a beautiful day and I thought it was brave and sweet of Colombo to take the kids on an outing to the corn maze/pumpkin patch.  Reports came back that it was pretty awesome.

September 29
Busy, busy.
 Digging, talking.  Talking, digging.

September 30
Surreal to step foot in the cancer center for my own benefit.  Shaun and I had a 20 minute date in the cafe while we waited for our appointment.
October 1
Have no fear...the super heroes are here!  Amy brought lunch and cousins to play with.
The girls had the opportunity to join a knitting club at school and this was the first day.  They came home ecstatic about it and Amanda, in particular, really enjoyed it.  (The next morning she said, oh I'm so glad we're walking to school so I have more time to knit!  and Is knitting a sport?  No, its more like a hobby.  Ok.  Knitting is my favorite hobby!)  I hope it lasts.
We all went to visit Great-Grandpa.  Shaun and I were shocked and saddened to see how rapidly he is failing, even from the last time we saw him a week or two ago.
 On the way home we stopped at a little diner and shared the table with some silly kids.
October 2
It was a six-hour production to get the full body MRI and chest CT Scans done.  Having had to fast, getting needles I wasn't expecting and being in the hospital environment for many hours left me feeling sick and spent.  We collected Aiden and had lunch/dinner at my favorite place, and I felt worlds better after eating and sitting (on one side of the booth) with my two best boys.
October 3
R's big homecoming game.  What you can't see in Aiden's getup is that he's wearing shorts....and winter boots.  :)
 No fair weather fans here...Brrr!
October 4
Speaking of brrr...and wet!  I took this picture during the two minutes we were not holding an umbrella.

 Amanda was delighted to play goalie the entire game and she did really well despite slippery conditions.
Shaun's mom put together a party for his youngest brother, who is turning 30.  Sarah put together a slideshow and it helped me reminisce about the early days.  I met Shaun's family for the first time just before Micah was born and by the time he was six, Shaun and I were an item.  It makes me feel old but it also makes me feel blessed to have been a part.  Now Micah is married with two kids and, as Sarah said in the slideshow, he is both loyal and compassionate.

The cards and gifts provided some good laughs.

Homecoming dance.  R and Tori made a cute couple for the evening.  He's still sleeping, but I'm anxious to hear how it went!

They hung out at the house for about 45 minutes before leaving for the dance.  Avery played her little sister role to perfection.  Good times!

Like Shaun said, soon enough it will be her going on the date and Aiden being that kid brother.


Meg A. said...

Such a fan of the knitting club! Maybe they can teach me?! And the shot of the girls knitting + Shaun at R's game cracked me up!

The Bug said...

That was the same picture that made me laugh out loud - the expressions on the girls' faces & those knitting needles - ha! I really should take up knitting - I've always been worried that I'd poke my eye out or something similar with those needles. But if Amanda loves it then maybe I should give it a shot :)