Monday, January 4, 2016

Project 365, Week 1

This week we said goodbye to 2015 and welcomed in a fresh, new, no-mistakes-in-it-yet 2016. I love the promise of a new calendar, a new year. We don't know what lies ahead but we know the One who goes before us.

December 27
My sweet boy.

A little light reading on Star Wars to start the day.

Shaun's mom and grandfather hosted a lovely Christmas brunch with a few extended family members.

December 28
A little adventure.

While the kids were away I got to capture sweet newborn toes.

December 29
These three all came downstairs in the morning with the exact same reaction. Seeing the ground covered in white had them squealing and proclaiming...they went right to the closet to don their winter gear and were out in a flash. It was debatable if there was enough snow to make a sled work, but it turns out...where there's a will, there's a way. :)

Later, we got to see cousins, some of whom weren't with us on Christmas.

December 30
We made the best of a doctor's visit in NYC.

December 31
Cozy, lazy morning.

Sienna had the girls over to make two different kinds of cupcakes. How sweet are they in those aprons?? :)

In the afternoon and evening we played games, Sequence and Star Wars Monopoly being the top two. R was out at a party but the rest of us were in bed by 10:30.

January 1, 2016

In keeping with tradition, we visited Shaun's grandmother on New Year's Day. The kids aren't there often but she's so good about tucking things away for them to do when they visit.

January 2
The day before Aiden had gotten a new lego set. He put the whole thing together himself, a first for him. I wonder if he'll be a Mechanical Engineer like his daddy someday. Plus, his new bathrobe kills me.

The boys had a hair-styling contest before Amanda's basketball game.

January 3
Every year we talk about collecting all our tax information early, before Shaun gets busy with tax season. On this Sunday we dedicated a couple hours to working on it and we were feeling pretty good about our progress. SO much easier to wrap up the year now than in April.

The kids entertained themselves outside on a beautiful day.

I'm going to make it a great year...will you join me?


sara said...

That first picture made my stomach tighten!!! I am not a roller coaster person!! :)

We have had a beautiful start to 2016 and I am with you!!! It's going to be a great year!

Melody said...

The picture of Aiden shoveling is hysterical!
Yes to a great 2016!

The Bug said...

We had a little snow this morning - my reaction was a BIT different from your kids' - ha! I decided to not leave the house & work from home.

Aiden in his flipflops shoveling snow is so funny. Looks like a great week!

Meg A. said...

Aiden gets top votes from me this week. The one of him playing the game with his arms stretched in the air + the snow shoveling are such winners! Looked like a wonderfully cozy favorite!

Amy said...

I love the this week! Glad it was good for you, too! Who's newborn toes??? Thumbs up getting a jump on taxes.