Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January's 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month,  (Sunday)!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day! }

Still no running, but I really enjoy starting my day with strength training and modified cardio. I did a fun 5-day challenge to start off the new year.

Working through a Bible study I got for Christmas.

We are decorating Shaun's new office (he moved one door down) so I did some "shopping" around the house for items that might fit his motif.

The three littles returned from their sleepover with Grandma and we had a chill rest of the day. We're trying to soak in our time with Shaun before he disappears with tax season.

H took a liking to Shaun immediately and has a ton of respect for him, already recognizing him as an invaluable resource. They've had some interesting discussions on politics and racism (mostly Shaun trying to get H to think for himself and be ok with having his own opinion) and being a man and future hopes and dreams. H is very smart and appreciates that in Shaun. Shaun is so good about investing and teaching and imparting wisdom and H is hungrily taking it all in.


Mixed fractions.

Baking bread with my number one assistant.

Grocery store run, trying to keep milk and other essentials in the house. Since we were out, we got ourselves a little treat. :)

I used to dislike ironing (very much) but I trained myself to be thankful for the task. I'm thankful that we have money to buy the clothes and I'm thankful for the man who wears them and for his good job and how hard he works. I'm thankful for a place to keep an ironing board set up and for electricity. It took some time but now I'm happy to iron and I spend the time praying for the handsome guy who will put his strong arms through the unwrinkled sleeves.


Shaun spends a great deal of time studying and learning and perfecting. I love him for that.

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The Bug said...

I THINK I would iron more if we had somewhere to leave the ironing board set up. But I'm not sure because I don't enjoy it. One of the reasons I don't enjoy it is because I'm not very good - I frequently iron more wrinkles INTO the garment than I make go away. Ha! My mother loved ironing - found it very meditative - and she closely guarded it. So I blame her for not teaching me how :)