Monday, January 18, 2016

Project 365, Week 3

This morning I'm reflecting on the vision that Martin Luther King had and the legacy he left because he lived for something greater than himself. These are a couple favorite pieces of prayers he prayed:

  • Agape love, repentance, forgiveness, prayer, faith: all are keys to resolving human issues.
  • We are all one human race, destined for greatness. Let us live together in peace and love in a Beloved Community.
  • Have faith in God. God is Love. Love never fails. It is our prayer that we may be children of light, the kind of people for whose coming and ministry the world is waiting. Amen.
I have a dream today!

January 10
We made an attempt at homework right after school but there was too much energy so I sent them out before I got frustrated. They got the chalk out and, among other things, wrote a message for Avery to find when she got back from her after-school activity.

January 11
H was antsy to go to a park, so we took him to the river, where there is also a basketball court and the skate park. When he got home from school R joined us and gave H a skate-boarding lesson.

January 12
"Over time You've healed so much of me and I am living proof that although my darkest house would come, Your light could still shine through...amazing grace."

January 13
An exciting day for H....we went and picked up his new glasses and a new bike.

January 14
Snow, dusk and 20 degrees does not stop this crew from riding.

January 15
My birthday. I once read a card that said Birthdays...can't live without them. How profoundly true.

We all know we're going to die and that its not guaranteed we'll make it to 90 and beyond but most of us secretly think we won't be one of the ones whose life is cut "short". My thinking on all that changed this year and there were a couple times I wasn't sure if I'd make it to this birthday. Its a miracle that I'm here and each day is such a gift.

I also love being in my 40's. Many years ago a woman told me how amazing it was to be comfortable you are in your own skin and insecurities fall away, how you feel settled with where you're at in life, how you've gained valuable wisdom. My twenty-something self thought she was just saying that to make herself feel better about getting old.

My twenty-something self used to think the same thing about people who declared how great it was to be a parent. Of course you would say how much you love it, I would're stuck with those snotty-nosed kids.

Another woman, my aunt, once told me that as she's gotten older she realizes how much she doesn't know. I'm raising my hand for that one, too.

It was a blessed day with a deep, deep sense of gratitude.

January 16
Basketball, with a couple cousins.


January 17
Two of my favorite Broncos fans, heading to the office for a bit and thereby completing our grueling tax information compilation, record early for us. What a relief!

With eight minutes left in the game, Shaun was up out of his seat. Denver for the win!

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The Bug said...

We were pulling for Denver too. I think Peyton Manning is the cutest thing :)

Happy happy birthday to you!!