Monday, January 25, 2016

Project 365, Week 4

My kids prayers were answered...we got snow! 

January 18
MLK Day and no school. The kids made the best of the dusting of snow we got overnight.

My brother's family came over for a visit and the cousins were SO happy to play together.

9 year-old Amanda and (almost) 7 year-old Trey, almost the same height!

January 19
No picture.

January 20
Amanda and I are note-exchangers and she usually leaves mine on my bed or nightstand.

"God is with us at all times, even in the hardest Mom, even in the hardest. Love Amanda You are the best. Never give up, Mom."

January 21
We enjoyed a quiet half-day afternoon at home.

January 22
Several visitors came by to give hugs.

January 23
As soon as we were home from basketball, the kids headed out.

The long awaited (at least by my kids) first real snowfall of the season, made more fun with cousins.

And the AFC Championship winner is....DENVER! (Those are not bandwagon shirts Shaun and Nathan are wearing...they are lifetime, true fans.)


Melody said...

Amanda's note is so sweet! Love her!
I was very happy for Shaun yesterday with Denver's win :)

The Bug said...

Love the Amanda note! And I love that your kids have cousins to play with. One of my cousins is still one of my best friends (she got one of the afghans I made last year).

I was so excited to see Peyton win! We've been fans of his since his college days. Now I have a dilemma because the Panthers are my hometown team. Except I don't think I like them very much... Dilemma solved! :)

Amy said...

Amanda's note <3 <3 <3