Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Project 365, Week 33

Ever since switching my posting day from Sunday to Monday, I've struggled to be on time. Its only been eight months...maybe I need just a little longer to get used to it. :) Albeit it "late", here's our lovely summer week.

August 8
Amanda's first visit to the orthodontist went well. I chose him because its an easy walk from our house or school, but I ended up being impressed with him and the facility. She's missing two teeth, plus her six-year molars. Eventually she'll need braces, etc but at least for another year we are in the monitor stage.

August 9
The Texas cousins were still in town so we had a pool party (just three missing).

August 10
I love the easy rhythm of summer...and this girl!

August 11
A good thunderstorm is free entertainment around here.

August 12
It was a really, really hot week of all day soccer camp and the girls did a great job toughing it out. Hard work and toughness are highly valued around here so I was so happy to see their red faces and sweat-drenched shirts at pick up.

My grilling buddy. :)

When there is a storm just off to the south that won't bring the rain fast enough.

August 13
This baby-toothed grin. :)

August 14
I heart quiet Sundays.

H's camp is good about posting pictures each day, so we've been able to peek in on his time there. So, so thankful for the lessons he's learning and the time he's getting to just be a kid. (Also, can't wait to get some details on that cute girl and her (twin??) brother. :) Inquiring moms want to know! :)


Meg A. said...

I still check your blog on Sundays, expecting the P365 post! :) I love the pic of Amanda (??) under that umbrella with the hose...SO funny! And the cousins in the front yard is so sweet!

Amy said...

Love the cousins' picture. The picture of Avery at soccer camp looked so much like you!