Thursday, August 4, 2016

Project 365, Week 31

I'm a little late posting this week. Shaun and I just returned from a time away and, though I thought I would blog while we were gone, I never got around to it.

We've been adventuring and chilling this summer, and its been great. My nephew recently said that "summer" is his favorite holiday. I kind of agree! :)

July 25
My sister organized a beach day for all who could come. Its always a treat to be together.

July 26
We had a last-minute swim and cookout time with the D's. Ginger was kind of sort of enjoying being Aiden target.

July 27
The kids love to visit daddy at the office, where they can watch TV and eat lollipops spend quality time with him.

Lots of games...Sequence has been a favorite for a while. Enough strategy for the adults and the youngest can win, too.

July 28
Off to the lake with Auntie Sienna and cousins.

That afternoon the summer packets came in the mail. All three kids were SO excited and dug right in. What a blessing to have motivated, diligent students who love to learn!

Avery is going into middle school (ack!) and most of her summer work is online. Craziness!

July 29
I like to capture peaceful, happy play time between these two. Though rare, its very sweet.

July 30
After a fun and exhausting day of taking pictures at the health fair put on at our church, I took the older two to a youth service. Loved this quote.

July 31
My sweet guy. He biked along with me on my morning-tire-the-puppy-out walk and stopped to pick me a bouquet.

Sunday was deliver kids and a dog to all corners of the state, throw a couple belongings in a bag and hit the road for a getaway.


Amy said...

Beach day was so fun! Lots of nice pictures this week. middle school???!?!

The Bug said...

Looks like another great week. I'm so glad you guys got to get away!