Monday, August 29, 2016

Project 365, Week 35

This was our last full week without school. Good thing, because the kids had many late nights of rehearsals. I'm also grateful for the opportunity I had to travel across the country.

August 22
I was in Boston with the sun, flying out to see a friend in Oklahoma for a few days.

August 23
She lives in a very walkable neighborhood, which I did every morning while the family was getting off to work and school.

It was great except for the one time the german shepard hopped his yard fence and came to "greet" me. I tried not to panic while his very overweight owner tried to climb over the same fence (much less successfully) wearing only his shorts. Now that I know I didn't get bit or maimed, its actually comical.

Back at home the kids were doing dress rehearsals and then sleeping in late from those rehearsals.

August 24
We went to a friend's house to make some jewelry. I was wishing my girls were with me...they are much more creative and crafty!

August 25
I spent the day driving from Oklahoma down to Houston to see my sister and meet my newest niece. It was so great to see where they live and spend time with them and Miss Willow is all things sweet.

August 26
Opening night of Mystery! H enjoys his job as a greeter and the others have been gracious to embrace him.

August 27
My mom and Russ took the kids to the union picnic, where there was unlimited food and fun. Aiden was quoted as saying he was glad I wasn't there. When I was giving him a hard time about it later he said, "Yeah...if you were there you would have told me two cotton candies were enough." :)

During Saturday night church I was teaching in the toddler room (and by teaching I mean attempting to keep all the kids safe...some weeks every thing works well, other time...not so much). H thought I would appreciate it if he took notes for me. Yes, I did...this represents so much.

August 28
Aiden is a notice-er of beauty and is always excited to point things out to me. He spotted this hummingbird that was caught on our porch. What magnificent creatures!

Back to school much learning is going to happen in these pages.

Show #2...some of my favorite people, behind the scenes.


Melody said...

Oh my goodness, yay for your cross-country adventure! Yay!

Amy said...

Well my first comment was going to be: I got choked up reading Hunter's notes and thinking about the sermon sinking in for him....UNTIL...I saw the horrific picture of me. What the heck was I doing?

Meg A. said...

I also got choked up reading his sermon notes! Wow! And then I laughed out loud at Amy's comment! :)

The Bug said...

So glad you got to spend time with your friend and had the extra bonus of getting to meet your new niece - what fun! As usual, your theatrical productions look so professional. And H takes better notes than I do - ha!