Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Project 365, Week 27

It was a last minute decision, but we decided to make it work for me to attend a business conference with Shaun in Las Vegas. H would be at an overnight camp all week, leaving just five kids (who, totaled together are easier than him). Nathan and Laryssa agreed to stay at our house for a few days and fill in so, Monday morning, we were off! 

I wasn't thrilled to be going to Las Vegas, but I was thrilled that we got time together!  

June 26
View from the large glass windows of our hotel room. The city, the desert and the lush golf course, all in one shot.

A working carousel made out of roses inside the hotel.

This was the outside of our hotel.

June 27
Happy to be poolside.

Another rose creation.

And another...they were quite something!

Opening night of the conference in a very cold ballroom (but happily snuggled in close to my man) before we went to dinner and a Cirque du Soleil show.

June 28
It was so lovely to sit in a lounge chair in the warm air. I would have stayed out longer but the noise got to me. They had music piping out of speakers constantly. I do like music but given the choice, I often choose silence. Maybe its a mom thing, maybe its just me. Post being sick, I find its significantly harder for me to tolerate noise. Music noise, social media "noise", noise from a too busy day.

Incidentally, I found a quarter next to my lounge chair, so, since we didn't gamble, we joked that we were "up on the house" for the week. :)

Sweet picture from home. Hard to believe my kids are the "big cousins".

Sugar Ray Leonard was the evening speaker. He was well-spoken and humorous and said a lot of great things about mental toughness and working hard.

June 29
Lots of workshops and information overload, but also really helpful. And I got to eat lunch with the most handsome financial advisor in the place.

Fresh flowers in the lobby. Its hard for me to appreciate extravagance. I wrestle with the discrepancies between the "haves and the have nots". What if this was greenery instead or nicely put together daisies and the remaining money was given so that children could have food and education? What if the Olympic opening ceremonies were meaningful but toned down so the United Nations could distribute the extra millions to help end child trafficking?  What if I spent a Saturday working to make money instead of a Saturday shopping for clothes I don't need and instead gave that to a missionary who is on the ground reaching people who desperately need someone to come along side them?

These are things I think about and weigh very often. I really had a hard time reconciling all that I saw in Vegas. I don't get it right all the time and there is plenty of extravagance and waste in my own life but I want to do better.

Ready to go home!

June 30
While we were away, everyone was participating in Mega Sports Camp. Because of rain, the last evening was indoors (Amanda, Alayna and Isaiah were missing).

Pop and Kiki took Amanda for a quick trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. A couple years ago she did a project on it and they happened to help her with it. They were so sweet to remember that and to take her to see it in real life.

July 1
For Christmas, Nana gave Shaun, his siblings and their families money to attend a sporting event together. Last year it was a Red Sox game, this year we chose USA vs. Ghana Men's Soccer. We tailgated before and after the game and had a blast! Also, USA won. :)

Micah had the brilliant idea to bring Z with the extra ticket we had. It was good to get time with him and to see that he is doing ok.

So blessed with family! At different times I saw all the dads holding children who were not theirs and I thought how cool it is that we have each other.

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The Bug said...

I so agree about extravagance - it's really hard for me deal with on that scale (although, as with you, there are extravagant areas of my own life that I could work on). And I TOTALLY agree about noise! Since there wasn't any baseball, Mike & I sat in the living room last night, him on his tablet, and me crocheting, in total quiet. So nice.

I love how happy Amanda looks on her trip :) And Z is growing into a good looking young man!