Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Project 365, Week 28

July 3
Legos to go, because sometimes working is just too boring.

The other house gets improved on everyday. Would you like to buy it? :)

River fun with cousins.

Someone to keep me company while I'm grilling.

Way too sweet.

July 4
We walked down to Main Street for the Boom Box Parade. We were at the starting line and the kids made out pretty well with candy. I was filled with gratefulness for our country and the freedom that has been so bravely fought for.

July 5
Plugging away.

July 6
My dining room table had people all around it...that makes me happy.

July 7
It was quiet, past the time I would have expected to see the kids downstairs. When I went searching for them, I found them all reading their Bibles in their rooms. Certainly not a daily occurrence, but it was affirming to me as their mom to see them spending time in the Word as they've seen me do.

I don't do it because I'm super spiritual, I dig in the Word because I am not. I love John Piper's quote:

“I feel like I have to get saved every morning. I wake up and the devil is sitting on my face.”

And then later I found them playing poker. :)

July 8
It was a beautiful day to gather with family on Sarah's back deck.

July 9
On Sunday Nana and Company put on a now-annual "Unbirthday Party". Its a once-a-year birthday bash for all the kids, complete with presents, cake and family wiffle ball. She puts much time and thought and care into it and makes each kid feel special. Once again the ball game was epic!


Megan Albano said...

Oh man, the Unbirthday Party is my fave!!! I love that!

Amy said...

The picture of Gavin batting is just way too cute! North Street's shaping up! That stuffed dog is enormous. I'm so glad it's at your house!

The Bug said...

That's the kind of house I would have loved when I was younger - hopefully a nice big family will find it & enjoy it!